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the towns of Sainte-Jean-d'Abbetot and Tancarville are both in Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie

[ABIT391] Aumary/Almeric d'Abbetot (born c.1015, son of  [TANC381] Gerard de Tancarville, see TANCARVILLE), Sire of Abbetot, married Helindis.

[ADES401] Robert d'Arbetot, (son of Aumary), le Despenser, Lord of Scryelsby, Steward to William the Conqueror.

[ADES411] William Montgomery, le Despenser, Count of Ponthieu, married Alix Ala de Bourgogne.

[ADES421 Thurstan Despenser married Lucia.

[ADES431] Aymaury le Despenser married Amabel 1. Alda Bluet; 2. Maud de Chesney.

[ADES441] Thomas le Despenser (born c.1159, son of Aymaury & Maud), married 1. Lucy; 2. Rohese.

[ADES452] Muriel (born c.1181, daughter of Thomas & Rohese) married [DUTT461] Sir Hugh de Dutton (see DUTTON).

[ABIT401] Urso the bear (born at Abbetot [c.1040]), Constable of Worcester Castle, hereditary Sheriff of Worcestershire, said to have accompanied DUKE WILLIAM II during his Conquest of England (1066), married Alice.

Urso Abitot was born at Saint-Jean-d'Abbetot, to the east of le Havre, Normandy. Afterwards Urso was Steward to the Conqueror, held much property in Worcestershire, and became Constable of Worcester Castle, hereditary Sheriff of Worcester. At the Domesday Survey he was tenant-in-chief in Gloucs, Herefordshire, Warks and Worcs. See also MARMION

[ABIT412] Emelina (born c.1076, daughter & heiress of Urso) married [BXXC411] Nicholas de Beauchamp (see WARWICK (BEAUCHAMP) EARLDOM. Another source says Emelina married instead Nicholas' brother Walter de Beauchamp.

[ABIT413] --- (daughter of Urso) married [MARM421] Roger de Marmion, see MARMION).