Revised 25/01/2018


Abram GARNETT                          Emma Benson CROSSFIELD
Born 1844                              Born 1843
  at Stanningley                         at Eccup

Parents John/Mary                      Parents George/Esther

Married 20 Jan 1866 at Leeds, St Peter
Railway Porter; both of Stanningley
(Abram's father : hair dresser; bride's father : gardener)

Witnesses John Fairbank BARNES
          Sarah Ann CROSSFIELD

Addresses :
1867    Leeds, Wellington Street (porter)
1869    Stanningley (porter)

Children :
Anne Lavinia     c 28/7/67 Leeds St Philip
Florence Helena  b 7/9/69; c 10/10/69 Stanningley St Thomas

1841 Census  1312/1-8  Addle-cum-Eccup        [Adel]
William    Rhodes           65 shoemaker
Mary       Rhodes           60
           and family, plus apprentices including
George     Crosfield        18 shoemaker ap
1851 Census  2366  Chapel Allerton
Joseph !   Crosfield  H   M 28 cordwainer     Eccup         [George]
Ester      Crosfield  W   M 24                Holbeck
Emma       CROSFIELD  D   U  6 scholar        Eccup
Alfred     Crosfield  S   U  3 scholar        Headingley
Sarah      Crosfield  D   U  1                Eccup
1861 Census  3357-34  Chapelallerton
George     Crosfield  H   M 39 shoe maker     Eccup
Esther     Crosfield  W   M 33                Leeds
Emma       CROSFIELD  D   U 16                Eccup
Alfred     Crosfield  S   U 13 scholar        Headingley
Sarah Jane Crosfield  D   U 11 scholar        Eccup
John       Crosfield  S   U  6 scholar        Moorallerton
Mary Ann   Crosfield  D   U  3                Moorallerton
Arthur     Crosfield  S   U  1                Moorallerton
1871 Census  4553-55  Leeds, 5 Barclay Street
Abram      GARNETT    H   M 27 railway porter Stanningley
Emma       GARNETT    W   M 26                Eccup
Florence H Garnett    D   -  1                Stanningley
Sarah J    Crossfield Sis U 21 milliner       Eccup 
John       Ginns            27 railway porter Rushton
James W    Monkman          25 forge smith    Hull
Later censuses no trace