Revised 25/01/2018


Albert Kemplay LYNES                   Selina Mary JOHNSON [probably nee MULLINER]
Born 19 Feb 1872                       Born 1870
  at Burley, Burley Fields

Bapt 25 Dec 1872                       
  at Little Holbeck, St John the Evangelist       

Parents Francis/Ann

Married 1951 at Bolton (LAN) Reg. Dist.

Died 31 Mar 1956 (age 84)              Died 30 Dec 1958 (age 88)
  at Farnworth (LAN), Bolton Hospital    at Farnworth (LAN), Bolton Hospital

Bu'd 5 Apr 1956 (grave 10916)
  at Holbeck Cemetery

Remarks :
Circumstantial evidence suggests Selina previously married 1. (1892) William Robert THOMPSON; 
then 2. (1945) Harry JOHNSON. These are just guesses.
Albert Kemplay previously married 1. Florence Lancaster

Will : 
Albert Kemplay LYNES of 2 Rochester Avenue, Breightmet, Bolton, Lancashire, died 
intestate, leaving Selina Mary LYNES his lawful widow and relict and only person now entitled
to his estate who is now a person of unsound mind. Letters of Administration granted to 
Annie Isabella DEARDEN of 131 Winchester Way, Breightmet, married woman, lawful daughter and 
the person who would be entitled to a grant in the estate of the Selina Mary LYNES were she
now dead intestate for the use and benefit of the said Selina Mary LYNES during her incapacity.
Value of Estate 262:4:0d.

Addresses :
1951    Bolton
1956           Breightmet  2 Rochester Avenue
1958           (-)