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[EBBE211] Sigilhelm in Speyergau m. ?
. [EBER221] Alberich in Speyergau m. ?
. . [EBER231] --- of Speyergau m. ?
. . . [EBER241] Sicardus in Speyergau m. ?
. . . . [EBER251] Siggerus in Speyergau m. ?
. . . . . [EBER261] Sieghard I in Speyergau m. ?
. . . . . . [SULB261] Count Sieghard I in Bavaria m. ?
. . . . . . [EBER271] Count Ratold I of Andechs m. [TRAN272] Engelmut of Traungau
. . . . . . . [EBER282] Ratold II m. ?
. . . . . . . . [EBER293] Pilfridis m. [EPPE282] Count Ernst of Sualafeld
. . . . . . . [EBER281] Count Adalbert V of Ebersberg m. Liutgarde
. . . . . . . . [EBER292] Hadamut von Ebersberg m. [EPPE291] March Count Marquard II of Haute Marches of Carinthia
. . . . . . . . [EBER291] Count Ulrich of Carinthia m. [EPPE292] Richarde von Eppenstein
. . . . . . . . . [EBER302] Willibirge von Carinthia m. [ISTR301] Count Werient of Istria

[EBER211] Sigilhelm in Speyergau (born c.700).

[EBER221] Alberich in Speyergau (born c.725).

[EBER231] --- in Speyergau (born c.750).

[EBER241] Sicardus in Speyergau (born c.775).

[EBER251] Siggerus in Speyergau (born 795).

[EBER261] Sieghard I in Speyergau (born c.825).

[SULB261] Sieghard I (born c.855, son of Sieghard I in Speyergau), is dealt with under SULZBURGGAU COUNTY below.

[EBER271] Ratold I (born c.860, son of Sieghard I in Speyergau), of Baviere, Count of Andechs, married (c.906) [TRAN272] Engelmut (daughter of Werinheri, see TRAUNGAU).

[EBER282] Ratold II (born c. 900, son of Ratold I).

[EBER293] Pilfridis (born c.930, daughter of Ratold II) married [EPPE282] Count Ernst (see EPPENSTEIN).

[EBER281] Adalbert V (born c.907, son of Ratold I), Count of Ebersberg, married Liutgarde. He died 10th September 969 [or 970].

[EBER292] Hadamut (daughter of Adalbert) married [EPPE291] March Count Marquard II (see EPPENSTEIN).

[EBER291] Ulrich (born c.945, son of Adalbert), Count of Carinthia, married [EPPE292] Richarde (daughter of Marquard I, see EPPENSTEIN). Richildis died 23rd April 1013, and Ulrich died 11th March 1029.

[EBER302] Willibirg (born c.965, daughter of Ulrich) married [ISTR301] Count Werient (see ISTRIA COUNTY below).


[EBER261] Sieghard I in Speyergau m. ?
. [SULB261] Count Sieghard I in Bavaria m. ?
. . [SULB271] Count Sieghard II in Lower Sulzburggau m. ?
. . . [SULB281] Count Sieghard III in Sulzburggau m. ?
. . . . [SULB291] Count Sieghard IV in Sulzburggau m. [SALZ292] Willa von Salzburg of Bavaria
. . . . . [SULB301] Count Engelbert III in Chiemgau m. Adela of Bavaria
. . . . . . [PUST311] Count Engelbert IV of Pustertal & Lavanthal m. [ISTR312] Liutgarde von Istria
. . . . . . [SULB311] Count Sieghard VII in Ebersberg m. ?
. . . . . . . [SULB322] Matilde of Chiemgau m. [PASS321] Rapoto IV von Cham of Passau

[SULB261] Sieghard I (born c.855, son of [EBER261] Sieghard I in Speyergau, see EBERSBERG COUNTY above), Count in Bavaria. He died 906.

[SULB271] Sieghard II (born c.880), Count in Lower Sulzburggau. He died c.919.

[SULB281] Sieghard III (born c.900), Count in Sulzburggau.

[SULB291] Sieghard IV (born c.930), Count in Sulzburggau, married [SALZ292] Willa von Salzburg (daughter of Count Bernhard of Bavaria, see SALZBURG). He died c.994.

[SULB301] Engelbert III (born c.960), Count in Chiemgau, married Adela of Bavaria (born c.959, daughter of Count Palatine Hartwig I of Bavaria). He died after c.1020.

[PUST311] Engelbert IV (born c.980, son of Engelbert III [or possibly his brother Sieghard V]), is dealt with under PUSTERTAL COUNTY below.

[SULB311] Sieghard VII (born c.982, son of Engelbert III), Count in Ebersberg.

[SULB322] Matilde of Chiemgau (born c.1015, daughter of Sieghard VII) married [PASS321] Count Rapoto, see PASSAU COUNTY).


[ISTR301] Count Werient of Istria m. [EBER302] Willibirg von Carinthia
. [ISTR312] Liutgarde von Istria m. [PUST311] Count Engelbert IV of Pustertal

[ISTR301] Werient/Werigand (born c.955), Count of Istria & Frioul, married [EBER302] Willibirg von Carinthia (born c.965, see EBERSBERG COUNTY above). Werient died by 1040, and afterwards Willibirg became Abbess of Glisenheim. She was recorded as dying 25th November 1165.

[ISTR312] Liutgarde of Istria (born c.985, daughter of Werient) married [PUST311] Count Engelbert IV (see PUSTERTAL COUNTY below).


[SULB301] Count Engelbert III in Chiemgau m. Adela of Bavaria
. [PUST311] Count Engelbert IV of Pustertal & Lavanthal m. [ISTR312] Liutgarde von Istria
. . [PUST322] Richarde von Nordtal m. [SPON321] Count Siegfried of Lebenau, Pustertal & Sponheim

[PUST311] Engelbert IV (born c.980, son of [SULB301] Count Engelbert III, see SULZBURGGAU COUNTY above), Count of Pustertal and Lavanthal, married (c.1000) [ISTR312] Liutgarde von Carinthia (born c.985, see ISTRIA COUNTY above). He died 15th March 1040.

[PUST322] Richilde of Nordtal (born c.1000, heiress of Lavant, daughter of Engelbert) married [SPON321] Count Siegfried (see CARINTHIA DUKEDOM).