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[ANGE321] Manuel Angelos of Philadelphia m. ?
. [ANGE331] Constantine Angelinus, Commander of the Fleet in Sicily m. [COMN332] Theodora Comnena
. . [ANGE341] Andronicus Ducas Angelus, a military leader m. Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa
. . . [ANGE351] Emperor Isaac II of Byzantium m1. [PALG352] Irene Comnenodukaina Palaeologina
. . . . [ANGE362] Eirene-Angelina of Byzantium m2. [SWAB361] King Philip of Germany

[ANGE321] Manuel Angelos, from Philadelphia, was of modest means.

[ANGE331] Constantine Angelinus (born c.1090), from Philadelphia [present-day Flashier], said to have been handsome but of lowly origin (son of Manuel Angelos), Commander of the Imperial Fleet in Sicily (1145), married (c.1120) [COMN332] Theodora Comnena (born 1096, daughter of EMPEROR ALEXIUS, see COMNENIAN DYNASTY).

[ANGE341] Andronicus Ducas Angelus (born c.1115), a military leader in Asia Minor, married (before 1155) Euphrosyne Kastamonitissa (born c.1125, daughter of Theodoros Kastamonites).

[ANGE351] Isaac II Angelus (born September 1156) married 1. [PALG352] Irene Comnenodukaina Palaeologina (see PALAEOLOGI), died c.1184-85; then 2. (1185) Margaret [then renamed Maria] (born 1175, daughter of King Bela III of Hungary, by his 2nd wife Agnes of Chatillon). He was EMPEROR (1185-1195), but deposed (April 1195) by his elder brother Alexius II, who had him blinded. Isaac was restored to the throne (1203-04), which he then held jointly with his son Alexius IV. He latterly became senile and demented, and died (allegedly of shock) at Constantinople (January 1204, probably of shock, following the murder the previous day of his son Alexius). Margaret-Maria afterwards married 2. (1204) Boniface I, March Count of Montferrat and King of Thessalonica, who died 1207; then 3. Nicholas of St. Omer.

[ANGE362] Eirene Angelina (born 1181, daughter of Isaac & Irene) married 1. (at Brindisi, 1192) Roger III of Apulia, [King of Sicily, 1192-94], then 2. (at Bari, 25th May 1197, taking her new name Maria) [SWAB361] King Philip of Germany (see SWABIA (HOUSE OF HOHENSTAUFEN) DUKEDOM).


Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) Cathedral in Constantinople
(16 September 1988)



distant view of Hagia Sophia Cathedral
from cruise ship off coast of Istanbul
(24 April 2008)