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[ANGO271] Wulfhard de Flavigny-sur-Ozerain (born c.800) married (c.825) [PARI232] Susanna de Paris (born c.806, daughter of Count Bego, see PARIS COUNTY).

[ANGO281] Wulgrin I (born c.825, son of Wulfhard) married either [HEBG282] Countess Regilinde/Roselinde [or Emme] of Agen (see SEPTIMANIA). He was 1st Count of Angouleme & Perigord (c.879-86), and died 3rd May 886. Afterwards these two Counties were divided between his two sons, William and Alduin.

[PERI281] William I (son of Wulgrin I), is described under PERIGORD COUNTY.

[ANGO293] Aminiana, Countess of Agen, (daughter of Wulgrin I) married [GASC271] DUKE GARCIA II SANCHEZ (see GASCONY (1)).

[ANGO291] Alduin I (son of Wulgrin I) became 2nd Count of Angouleme (886-916), and died 27th March 916.

[ANGO301] William I taillefer [=iron cutter] never married, and all his children were illegitimate. He was 3rd Count of Angouleme (916-45), and died 945.

[ANGO311] Arnold I Ridel mancer [=bastard] married 1. Raingarde (sister of Bellus Homo, a clerk); then 2. Aldearde (widow of Vicomte Herbert I de Thouars, and daughter of Vicomte Cadelon II d'Aulnay, see AUNAY). Arnold defeated and killed his second-cousin Count Ranulf to become 4th Count of Angouleme (975-92). According to this descent, Ranulf would have been the 4th Count (945-75), and Arnold the 5th Count, so that subsequent Count numbers are out of step by one. Arnold died May 992.

[ANGO321] William II mancer (born 978, son of Arnold & Raingarde) married [ANJO314] Gerberge (daughter of Count Geoffrey I grisegonelle & Adelaide, see ANJOU COUNTY). He was 5th Count of Angouleme (992-1028), and was murdered 6th April 1028.

[ANGO331] Geoffrey taillefer [born c.1005], married 1. [ARCH322] Dame Petronille (daughter of [ARCH311] Mainard the rich, Lord of Archiac & Hildegarde/Udulgardis); then 2. Asceline. Geoffrey was 6th Count of Angouleme (1028-48), and died December 1048.

[RIDE351] Geoffrey taillefer ([born c. 1032], son of Geoffrey & Petronille) is described under RIDEL.

[ANGO341] Fulk taillefer (born c.1030, son of Geoffrey & Petronille) married  Condoha/Cundo Vegena (born c.1062, daughter of Qunormau Vagena). He was 7th Count of Angouleme (1048-87), and died 1087.

[ANGO362] Wulgrin II taillefer (born 1087, younger son of Fulk & Condoha), succeeded his older brother William III as 9th Count of Angouleme (1120-40), married 1. [TMOR352] Ponce (see SHREWSBURY (MONTGOMERY) EARLDOM); then 2. Amabel (daughter of Vicomte Aimery de Chatellerault). He died at Bouteville Castle (16th September/November 1140).

[ANGO371] William IV taillefer (son of Wulgrin & Ponce) married 1. Emma (widow, daughter of Vicomte Ademar III de Limoges); then 2. (1150) [TURE372] Margaret (widow, see TURENNE COUNTY). William was 10th Count of Angouleme (1140-79), and died on his way to the Holy Land at Messine (7th August 1179).

[ANGO382] Ademar taillefer (son of William IV & Margaret) married (after 1180) [COUP392] Alice (separated, see COURTENAY). Ademar was 12th Count of Angouleme (1180-1202), and died at Limoges (16th June 1202).

[ANGO399] Isabel (born 1188, daughter & heiress of Ademar) married 1. (at Bordeaux Cathedral, August 1200) [PLAN389] King John (see PLANTAGENET KINGS); then 2. (1220) [LUSI401] Count Hugh X of Lusignan (see LUSIGNAN). Isabel was 12th Countess of Angouleme (1202-46).