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[BRUC431] Adam de Brus of Skelton m. [PENT372] Emme de Ramsey
. [BRUC441] Lord Robert I of Annandale m. [PAGN372] Agnes
. . [BRUS351] Lord Adam I of Skelton m. [AUMA352] Agnes d'Aumale

[BRUC431] Adam de Brus (born in Bruis/Brix, near Cherbourg, Normandy, c.1055), Lord of Skelton, Lord of Cleveland. He possibly married [PENT372] Emme de Ramsey (daughter of [PENT361] Sir William de Ramsey, see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RENNES) COUNTY). This connection has not been confirmed. He died 1098.

[BRUC441] Robert I de Brus (born c.1082), Lord of Skelton and Danby, founded Guisborough Priory (1119), then went to Scotland, 1st Lord of Annandale (1124), married 1. Agnes (daughter of Sheriff Geoffrey Bainard of York); then 2. [PAGN372] Agnes (daughter & heiress of Fulk de Pagnall, Lord of Carleton, see PARNEL). He died March 1141-42, and was buried at Guisborough Priory.



Guisborough Priory ruins
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[BRUS351] Adam de Brus (eldest son of Robert I, mother assumed to be 2nd wife), Lord of Skelton, see SKELTON LORDSHIP.

[BRUC451] Robert de Brus le meschin [=the young], (2nd son of Robert) married Euphemia de Aumale (niece of [AUMA354] William le gros, Count of Aumale, see AUMALE COUNTY). Robert died 1194.

[BRUC461] William de Brus (2nd son of Robert), [3rd] Lord of Annandale (c.1194), married Christina ---. William died 1214-15.

[BRUC471] Robert de Brus, 4th Lord of Annandale, married 1. Beatrice Tyeden; then 2. [DUNW463] Isabel de Huntingdon (daughter of Earl David, see HUNTINGDON (DUNKELD) EARLDOM). Robert died 1245. and Isabel died 1251-52. After Robert died, Isabel married 2. [ROOS471] Robert (see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY).


[BRUC481] Bernard I de Brus (son of Robert & Isabella), Lord of Conington (Hunts) and Exton (Rutland) (c.1245), married 1. [BXX472] Alice de Beauchamp (daughter of William & Isabel, see WARWICK (BEAUCHAMP) EARLDOM); then [possibly] 2. [MERS472] Constantia de Merston (widow of John de Morteyn, and daughter of [MERS461] Ralph FitzJohn de Merston, see MERSTON). Bernard died before August 1266, and Constantia held Conington 1276-86.

[BRUC491] Bernard II de Brus the elder (son of Bernard & Alice), Lord of Conington & Exton, held Conington 1295, married Agatha ---. Bernard died 20th November 1300, and Agatha held dower of Conington 1303.

[BRUC501] Bernard III de Brus (born c.1274), Lord of Conington & Exton, held Conington 1316 & 1325, married Agnes ---. Bernard died June 1330. Agnes obtained licence to remarry (1330).

[BRUC511] Sir John Bruce (born 13th June 1317), Lord of Conington & Exton, married [HARS512] Margaret Hardreshull [Hartshill]. John died 10th May 1346.

[BRUC522] Agnes de Brus (born 4th August 1336, daughter of John) married 1. [WEAS521] Hugh de Weasenham (see WEASENHAM); then 2. Robert Lovetot, MP.