Revised 25/01/2018


                                       Anne LAST

                                       Parents Elizabeth

Children :
Anne             c 26/7/61 Bruisyard; m. Samuel Mortimer

Removal Order, dated 8/6/1749, for the removal of Anne Last
    singlewoman, from Snape to Bruisyard
Bastardy Bond for Anne Last of Bruisyard, dated 1761:
    A John Mobbs of Bruisyard was bonded by 100 in connection
    with the recent birth of a female child to Anne Last
    The bond was with Robert Last, who was presumably taking care
    of Anne Last, who would be his niece
After Margaret Last's death in 1775 at Weston, presumably Anne, with
    her daughter Anne (then age 14), went to Weston to be housekeeper
    for the younger children of William & Margaret Last
It is presumed that Samuel Mortimer married Anne's younger child