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[APUL321] Seigneur Tancred de Hauteville-le-Guichard m2. Fressenda
. [APUL333] Count Roger I of Sicily m1. [EVRE352] Judith d'Evreux
. . [APUL343] Matilda di Apulia m3. [VIE2401] Dauphin Guy III de Viennois
. [APUL332] Duke Robert Guiscard of Apulia, Calabria & Sicily m2. [SALE332] Sikelgaita di Salerno
. . [APUL342] Matilda di Apulia m1. [BARC401] Count Ramon-Berenguer II of Barcelona

[APUL321] Tancred, hereditary Seigneur de Hauteville-le-Guichard near Coutances, married 1. Moriella; then 2. Fressenda. A myth arose in the 16th century that both his wives were daughters of DUKE RICHARD I OF NORMANDY. He died 1041, and Fressenda died 1057.

[APUL333] Roger (born c.1031, younger son of Tancred & Fressenda), Count of Calabria, and Great Count of Sicily (1071), married 1. (at San Martino d'Agri, November 1061) [EVRE352] Judith (daughter of Count William, see EVREUX COUNTY), died 1076; then 2. (c.1077) Eremburge d'Eu (daughter of Count Robert), died c.1087; then 3. (c.1087) Adelaide di Savoy (daughter of March Count Manfred I). Roger died at Mileto (22nd June 1101), and afterwards Adelaide married 2. (at Acre, September 1113) King Baldwin I of Jerusalem (annulled 1116).

[APUL343] Matilda (born c.1062, daughter of Roger & Judith) married 1. Count Robert (see HASTINGS (EU) BARONY), repudiated; then 2. (1080) Marquis Raymond IV de Provence (see TOULOUSE COUNTY), divorced (1088); then 3. [VIE2401] Count Guigues/Guido/Guy III (see VIENNOIS DAUPHINS).

[APUL339] Robert guiscard [=weasel or =wily] (born c.1015-20, eldest son of Tancred & Fressenda) married 1. (c.1050) Aubree/Albrada di Buonalbergo (divorced for consanguinity, 1058); then 2. (at Monte Cassino, 1058) [SALE332] Sikelgaita (born 1025, daughter & heiress of Prince Guaimar IV, see SALERNO PRINCEDOM). He was Count of Apulia (1057-59), DUKE OF APULIA, CALABRIA & SICILY (1059-85), and died of fever in Phiscardo Bay, Cephalonia, while vainly attacking the Ionian Isles (17th July 1085). Sikelgaita died at Salerno (27th July 1090).

[APUL342] Matilda (born c.1059, oldest daughter of Robert & Sikelgaita) married 1. (1078) [BARC401] Count Ramon-Berenguer II (see BARCELONA COUNTY), murdered 6th December 1082; then 2. (1085) Vicomte Amaury (son of Vicomte Bernard de Narbonne).