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[ARAG331] Ramiro Sanchez I (illegitimate son of [NAVA329] Sancho III Garcez the great, see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM) was 1st King of Aragon (1035-69). He married 1. (at Jaca, 22nd August 1036) [COMM372] Gilberga, though she adopted the name Ermesenda in Aragon, (daughter of Count Bernard Roger, see COMMINGES), died December 1049; then 2. (1054) Agnes of Aquitaine (possibly daughter of DUKE WILLIAM VI le gros OF AQUITAINE). He was killed died in battle against the Moors near Barbastro (8th May 1063), and afterwards Agnes married 2. (1064) Count Peter I of Savoy.

[ARAG341] Sancho Ramirez I (born c.1042-43, son of Ramiro & Ermesende) married 1. (1063) Isabel de Urgell (separated for consanguinity); then 2. (c.1076) [MOND362] Felicia (born c.1060, daughter of Count Hilduin IV, see MONTDIDIER COUNTY). He was King of Aragon (1069-94), and King of Navarre (1076-94). He was slain in battle at Huesca (4th June 1094), and Felicia died 3rd May 1123.

[ARAG351] Ramiro II Ramirez el monje [=the monk] (born c. 1086, son of Sancho & Felicia). Ramiro was Abbot of Sahagun (1112), Bishop of Burgos (1114),  resident at the monastery of San Pedro el Viejo in Huesca (1130), elected Bishop of Roda and Barbastro (August 1134). He succeeded his elder brother Alfonso as King of Aragon (1134-37) though continuing to reside at Huesca Monastery. He married (at Jaca, November/December 1135) [AQUI369] Agnes de Poitou (widow of Vicomte Aimery VI of Thouars, and believed to be daughter of DUKE WILLIAM IX OF AQUITAINE who was also Count William VII of Poitou, by Philippa, see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM), separated (1136-37). Ramiro abdicated (1137) in favour of his daughter Petronilla. He died at Huesca Monastery (16th August 1157).

[ARAG362] Petronilla (born 1136, daughter of Ramiro II) became Queen King of Aragon (July 1137). She married (as an infant, at Barbastro, 11th August 1137, consummated 1151) [BARC431] Prince Ramon-Berenguer IV (see BARCELONA COUNTY). She succeeded her father as Queen of Aragon (1157). After Ramon's death (August 1162) she remained Queen for a further 2 years, before transferring her rights to her son Ramon-Berenguer V (who became King Alfonso II, see next entry). Petronilla died at Barcelona (17th October 1174).


[PROV371] Ramon-Berenguer V (born at Huesca, March 1157, son of [BARC431] Ramon-Berenguer IV & Petronilla, see last entry) later became Alfonso II the chaste. He was betrothed (January 1060) to Mafalda (daughter of King Alfonso I of Portugal); then married (at Saragossa, 18th January 1174) [CAS1373] Sancha of Castile (born 1154, daughter of King Alfonso VII, see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF BURGUNDY) KINGDOMS). He was Count of Barcelona (1162-96), and Count of Provence (1166-96). Barcelona and Aragon were united (1164), when he became King of Aragon (1164-95). He died at Perpignan (25th April 1195). Sancha died at Sijena (9th November 1208).

[PROV381] Alfonso II (born c.1177, son of Alfonso II & Sancha) married (at Aix-en-Provence, July 1193) [SABR382] Gersinde (daughter of Rainier, see SABRAN). He was Count of Provence (1195-1209), Count of Barcelona (1196-1209), and died at Palermo (February 1209).

[PROV391] Ramon-Berenguer IV (born c.1198, son of Alfonso II) married (December 1220) [SAVO422] Beatrice (daughter of Count Thomas I), see SAVOY COUNTY). He was Count & Marquis of Provence (1209), and Count of Forcalquier (1209-45), and died at Aix-en-Provence (August 1245). Beatrice died December 1266.

[PROV402] Eleanor (born at Aix-en-Provence, 1223, daughter of Ramon-Berenguer) married (at Canterbury, January 1236) [PLAN392] King Henry III of England (see PLANTAGENET KINGS).