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(Sardegna Sardinia)


[ORRU341] Comita I di Orru, Justice of Arborea m. ?
. [ORRU352] Elena di Orru m. [ARBO351] Gonario di Lacon-Serra

 [ORRU341] Comita I di Orru/Orrubu (son of --- of Lacon-Zori), Justice of Arborea. He died c.1102.

[0RRU352] Elena of Orru/Orrubu (daughter of Comita) married [ARBO351] Gonario di Lacon-Serra (see LACON-SERRA LINE below)


[ARBO351] Gonario di Lacon-Serra m. [ORRU352] Elena di Orru
. [ARBO361] Comita II, Justice of Arborea m. Elena di Orrubu
. . [ARBO372] Eleonora di Arborea m. [SALU371] March Count Manfred I of Saluzzo
. . [ARBO371] Barisone I di Lacon-Serra, Justice of Arborea m1. Pellegrina di Lacon-Serra
. . . [ARBO382] Sinispella di Arborea m. [TORR381] Guidice, Justice of Torres, Comita III di Sardegna

 [ARBO351] Gonario di Lacon-Serra married [ORRU352] Elena di Orru/Orrubu (daughter of Comita I, see ORRU LINE above).

Constantino I di Lacon-Serra (son of Gonario), Justice of Arborea, married Anna di Zori. He died without heir, according to Wikipedia. But Wikipedia also notes that: According to the Condaghe di Santa Maria di Bonarcado, ... he left two sons, Comita II, who succeeded him by 1131, and Orzocco.

 [ARBO361] Comita II/III di Lacon-Serra (born c.1100, son of Gonario, according to Wikipedia), married Elena di Orrubu. He succeeded his brother Constantino as Justice of Arborea (1131-47, perhaps intermittently). He was excommunicated by Archbishop Baldwin of Pisa (1145), for oppressing the people and warring [on the side of the Archbishop of Genoa] against Pisa, his rightful "sovereign". He died shortly afterwards, c.1147. However, Wikipedia also notes that:

According to the Condaghe di Santa Maria di Bonarcado, he was the son of Constantine I and Anna de Zori.

[ARBO372] Eleanora (daughter of Comita) married [SALU371] March Count Manfred I (see SALUZZO (PIEDMONT)).

 [ARBO371] Barisone I di Lacon-Serra (born c.1130), Justice of Arborea, married 1. (c.1150) Pellegrina di Lacon-Serra (later divorced); then 2. (1158) Algaburse di Cervera (born c.1148, son of Vicomte Pons II de Bas, by Almodis, daughter of Count Ramon-Berenguer III le jeune, see BARCELONA COUNTY). He died c.1191.

[ARBO382] Sinispella/Ispella/Ispelle di Lacon-Serra (born c.1155, daughter of Barisone & Pellegrina) married [TORR381] Guidice di Torres, Comita III di Sardinia (son of Justice Barisone II of Torres, see TORRES).