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[ARDE401] Beorhtwine, a thegn, of unknown descent.

[ARDE411] Aelfwine/Alwyne/Aethelwine, of Herefordshire, Sheriff of Warwickshire in the time of King Edward the Confessor, (and possibly for some time after the Conquest), possibly married a lady of Norse descent. He held land in Warwickshire, in particular Bericote, Clifton-upon-Dunsmore (near Rugby, which he later gave to the Church of Coventry by grant of King Edward), Flecknoe and Ryton-on-Dunsmore. After the Conquest, he acquired (at least) Barston (near Solihull) by licence from King William I.

[ARDE421] Thurkill/Turchill of Warwick, or of Arden, was a tenant-in-chief at the Domesday Survey (1086), with land and a number of manors in Warwickshire. These included Bericote (near Solihull), Flecknoe (near Daventry) and Ryton-on-Dunsmore (near Coventry) which his father had held in the time of King Edward. Also in the time of King Edward, some land in "Ermendone" and Kineton Green (in Solihull) had been held by Thorkil Batoc who may have been the same person as Thurkill. He married 1. ---; then 2. Leverunia (heiress of Kingsbury Manor, which had been held by Lady Godiva). He died c.1100.

[ARDE431] Siward de Arden of Cudworth (eldest son of Thurkill, by his 1st wife), married Cecilia (daughter of Osbert). He was succeeded in turn by his son Henry de Arden, then his son Thomas de Arden of Cudworth, the latter making an unsuccessful claim to Kingsbury in 1206 (see BRACEBRIDGE). This line led down to William Shakespeare's mother, Mary.

[ARDE432] Osbert I de Arden (half-brother of Siward, and son of Thurkill, by 2nd wife Leverunia), of Kingsbury.

[ARDE441] Osbert II de Arden (son of Osbert I), of Kingsbury. He had three daughters, Adeliza (married Simon de Harcourt, no issue), Amabile (married Robert FitzWalter, no issue), and thirdly Amice (who eventually became his sole surviving heiress).

[ARDE452] Amice de Arden (daughter of Osbert II, co-heiress but eventually sole surviving heiress of Kingsbury), ebridge (see BRACEBRIDGE). She eventually succeeded her two elder sisters (Adeliza and Amabile), to acquire Kingsbury, which then passed down through the Bracebridge family.


All the following down to Sir Walkelin taken from the Internet

There was an Arden North-East of Stockport, Cheshire, shown as Arderne in the 13th Century Curia Regis Rolls.

[ARDX381] Henri Arderne (born c.989). He died 1059.

[ARDX391] Henry Arderne (born c.1008, at Stratford). 

[ARDX401] Henry de Arderne (born c.1031 at Stratford upon Avon). Rafe died at Stratford (1091)

[ARDX411) Rafe de Arderne (born c.1057). Rafe died 1125. Then a dubious lengthy gap.

[ARDE421] Alexander de Arderne (born 1115). He married Agnes de Arderne. Alexander died 1165.

[ARDE431] Eustachius I de Arderne (born c.1140).

[ARDX441] Eustace II de Arderne) (born c.1165). He married Hawysia [? of Northants]. Eustace died 1213.

[ARDX451] John de Arderne (born c.1191 at Chester), of Elford [query Aldford]. He married Margaret de Aldford (daughter of Richard de Aldford). John died at Aldford Castle, Cheshire, c.1238).

[ARDX461] Sir Walkelin de Arderne (born c.1220, at Aldford, Cheshire), Chief Justice of Chester, Lord of Aldford, married Agnes de Orreby. He died 1268.

[ARDX471] Sir Peter de Arderne (born c.1241, Cheshire), Lord Aldeford, married Margaret de Elleforde. Peter died c.1292

[ARDX481] John de Arderne (born 1266), married [MADO402] Margaret ferch Gruffydd (born 1263, see POWYS KIINGDOM (2)), widow of Madog fychan [=youngest child] of Bromfield. John died 1308.and Margaret died 1315. She was age 45 when she had John, so perhaps she died during childbirth, thus leading the son John to become a surgeon..

[ARDX491] John de Arderne (born 1307, son of John), Lord of Aldeford, "Father of English Surgeons", married 1. Alice de Venables (died c.1328); then 2. Ellena de Wastenays. John and Ellena both died 1349 (plague).

[ARDZ502] Matilda (of Alvanley) de Arderne (born c.1345, daughter of John & Ellena), [survived the 1349 plague and] married 1. Robert de Legh (Lord of Adlington) (died 1382); then 2. William de Honford.

[ARDX501] Sir Thomas de Arderne (born c.1328, son of John & Alice) married  Matilda de Stafford (born c.1346, daughter of Richard Stafford). He died 1391.

[ARDX511] Sir John de Elford [? Aldford], de Arderne (born 1369), married Margaret de Pilkington, (daughter of Lord Roger of Pilkington, probably by Anne de Savage). Sir John died 1408, and Margaret died c.1423.

[ARDX522] Matilda de Arderne (born c.1398, only child of Sir John) married Sir Thomas Stanley. It is suggested that Matilda was the illegitimate child of Margaret de Pilkington, which could explain why she was an only child.  .