[ASHH621] George Ash m. [WANS622] Jane Wansley
. [ASHH631] George Ash m3. [BEMO632] Anne Beaumont
. . [ASHH642] Harriot Ash m. [WODD641] William Wood

[ASHH621] George Ash (born c.1700), married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 3rd May 1726) [WANS622] Jane Wansley, of Armley. The way in which the entry was made in the register could be misleading. It probably means Jane (only) was of Armley. George (a yeoman) and Jane appear to have had only one child:

There was a John Ash (tailor) who had one child born at Whitkirk, St. Mary, (baptised there, 18th December 1726), who may have been a relative. This John appears to have moved to Leeds, where he had further children, mostly born in Briggate, between 1732 and 1749.

[ASHH631] George Ash (born 1733), married 1. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 16th July 1753) Mary Chadwick, of Town. They had four children born at Leeds and baptised at Leeds, St. Peter, as follows:

Mary presumably died, and afterwards George married 2. (by licence, at Leeds, St. Peter, 19th April 1769, witnessed by Jno. and Betty Jackson) Ann Wilson.

John Jackson (of the parish of Rotherham) married (by licence, at Leeds, St. Peter, 5th February 1764) Betty Naylor. John Jackson was born in Kirkgate (19th February 1733-34), the son of Turner Jackson of Kirkgate who married (at Beeston Chapel, 25th August 1720) Grace Parkinson. This tends to confirm that George Ash and John Jackson were contemporaries.

The family apparently moved from Briggate to Beeston in the early part of 1772. They had two children born in Briggate and baptised at Leeds, St. Peter, as follows:

--- (wife of George), died at Briggate (buried at Leeds, St. Peter, 11th June 1773). Afterwards, George Ash (farmer, of Leeds, age 39) married 3. (by licence, at Calverley, 24th February 1774, witnessed by John Beaumont) Anne Beaumont (of Calverley, age 25). They had six children born and baptised at Beeston as follows:

George was referred to in the parish register as "Mr. George Ash" when Elizabeth, Frances and William Rodney were baptised, and also when Ann Maria was buried. Ann (age 41, wife of George) died at Beeston and was buried at Calverley (29th February 1788). Afterwards, George (yeoman) married 4. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 26th July 1791) Ann Chadwick.

[ASHH642] Harriet Ash (born 1777, daughter of George), married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 24th December 1794) [WODD641] William Wood (born 1776, see WOOD). Note that when Harriot died (age 22, of fever) in Leeds, she was buried at Beeston Chapel (29th July 1798), at which date both her parents were deceased, and apparently buried at Doncaster.


This account is circumstantial.

George and Nancy apparently went to Doncaster where he was recorded (21st September 1781) as being an innkeeper in the Warmfield cum Heath Ward. They had one child:

George (innkeeper) died at Doncaster (31st December 1791, buried at St. George, 3rd January 1792).



present Doncaster Minster Church
(2 December 2014)

There was a monumental inscription at St. George's church to George, noted in 1986 when the stones were all transcribed, but since removed. This read:


lieth the body


who departed this life

Dec 31st 179...

Aged ...3 years

Assuming this is the correct George (born 17th January 1758) he would have been aged 33 in 1791, which agrees with the last digit of his age on the headstone.

Ann (presumably Nancy) died at Doncaster also (buried at Doncaster, St. George, 8th April 1796). Her entry in the Burial register includes the comment: " ... widow late George Ash, publican, age not known, decline, ...".