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[ASTL431] Philip de Estley, of Estley Manor (born c.1093)

[ASTL441] Thomas de Astley born c.1093.

[ASTL451] Philip de Estleg' (3rd feudal Lord of Astley) held 3 fees of the Earl of Warwick (1166), married Mabel Hereford.

[ASTL461] Thomas Astley (son & heir) married [CAMX452] Maud de Camville (daughter & coheiress of Walter, see CAMVILLE), by which he acquired a half-share in Pickwell (Leics), though he later sold his share to his brother-in-law Richard Curson. He died 9th March 1220-21.

[ASTL471] Walter (William) (born c.1184, son & heir), married Isabel.

[ASTL481] Thomas de Estleg (born at Astley, c.1215), married 1. Joan du Bois (daughter of Ehnald du Bois, of Thorpe Arnold); then 2. [CONS482] Editha le Constable (daughter and one of three coheirs of [CONS471] Peter le Constable, of Melton Constable). Thomas held of the Earl of Warwick one fee in Astley, Morton and Milverton, three Warwickshire Manors, some distance apart. Astley (near to Nun Eaton) was 15 miles due north of Milverton (near to Warwick) and 18 miles north-west of Hillmorton (near to Rugby). Thomas was granted the right to hold a weekly market and a fair at Hillmorton (15th March 1265), but was killed shortly after at the Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265).

There is an undated charter of a grant by Joanna, Lady of Estleg, to her son Ralph, of 1 furlong of land with appurtenances in Estaxrigg in the manor of Estleg, which land John de Winscote had purchased from Walter de Estaxrigg. This suggests Joanna was Joan du Bois, widow of Thomas. In which case, Joan was [presumably] Thomas' 2nd wife, and not 1st. This confounds other accounts, and suggests Thomas' son Ralph only acquired Melton Constable because there was no surviving issue by Editha. Alternatively perhaps the grant by Joanna was to her step-son Ralph.

Peter le Constable was living in 1166, and his son Geoffrey was living 1160. Geoffrey was dead (1256) and his widow Maud was married to Geoffrey Burnevill. Editha was a sister of Geoffrey, and it seems strange she should be having a child as late as 1260 (see Ralph below). The dating seems to be adrift somewhere.

[ASTL491] Ralph de Astleg (born c.1260, allegedly 3rd son of Thomas, and 2nd by Editha), of Hillmorton and Melton Constable. He had the grant to hold the weekly market at Hillmorton confirmed (1274-75). He acquired Hillmorton when his elder brother Thomas died (1284). He married Rose [or Lucia], and and died by 1316.

[ASTL501] Thomas de Estlegh (born at Hillmorton, c.1291), Lord of Morton (by 1316), married [CHAR502] Margery Charnels (daughter of Sir George Charnels, see CHARNELES). He received a grant for the market and fair to be held at the Manor (June 1334).

[ASTL511] Ralph Astley (born at Hillmorton, c.1322), married Agnes Gerbrug (born c.1330, daughter of Ralph Gerbrug [query aka Gerbridge).

[ASTL521] Thomas Astley (born at Hillmorton, c.1352) married (at Baconsthorpe, Norfolk, c.1382) [BACO523] Catherine Bacon(daughter of Sir Roger, see BACON), and thereby acquired several Manors in Norfolk. After his death, Catherine apparently married 2. (c.1387) either Thomas Grantewelle or John Huse. Sir William Astley (of Astley, of the senior branch of the family), was granted wardship of the infant child Thomas, and took Catherine, Thomas Grantewelle and John Huse to court (1387), for abducting young Thomas.

[ASTL531] Sir Thomas Astley (born at Hillmorton, c.1383), married 1. [DACE532] Elizabeth de Dacre (daughter of William, see DACRE); then 2. (at Hillmorton, c.1413) Isabel/Elizabeth Oke. He was Bailiff at Ipswich (1422-25).

[ASTL542] Anne Astley (born c.1408, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth) married [GEDD541] Thomas Gedding (see GEDDING).