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The large number of Thomas Atkinson's of Grayrigg who were baptised and married before 1750 renders it impossible to trace the family further back with any degree of certainty.

There was another Thomas Atkinson, of Orton, who married (by licence at Kendal, 20th September 1735) Margaret Willson, of Underbarrow. The marriage licence (dated 20th September 1735) refers to Thomas Atkinson as being of of Bretherdale Head in Orton parish. The bondsman was Robt. Rowlandson of Lambrigg, and the witness was Mark Bourn.

There is a reference to a Conveyance (dated 4 February 1748) between Thomas Summers yeoman (and his wife Agnes [nee Dixon]) of Abbey in Lambrigg and Thomas Atkinson junior of Yeathouse in Docker, respecting messuage and lands at Agnesgill in Whinfell. The premises included closes at Lambrigg-howe, and Summers indemnified Atkinson by demise of moiety of Abbey in Lambrigg for 99 years. The Lambrigg connection suggests this is the correct family, and on this assumption the first two generations following are based.

[ATKN621] Thomas Atkinson married (at Orton, 22nd June 1700) Jennett Dennison. They had the following child baptised at Orton:

[ATKN631] Thomas Atkinson (referred to in 1748 as Thomas Atkinson junior). Thomas (of Bretherdale Head in Orton parish) married (by licence, at Kendal, 20th September 1735) Margaret Wilson, of Underbarrow. They had the following child:

[ATKN641] Thomas Atkinson, of Lambrigg, married (at Kendal, 7th May 1769) [HARB642] Isabella Harbart (born 1751, see HARBART), of Howgill. They had six children born at Lambrigg and baptised at Grayrigg as follows:

Isabella died at Lambrigg (buried at Grayrigg, 23rd November 1791). The Thomas who was buried at Grayrigg (22nd August 1800) may be the correct one.

[ATKN652] Isabella Atkinson (born 1780, daughter of Thomas) married 1. (at Grayrigg, 12th July 1800) [GRNT651] Richard Garnett (born 1772, see GARNETT); then 2. (at Kendal, 17th March 1821) William Darwen.