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[AUD1431] Liulf (Lidulph) d'Aldithley.

[AUD1441] Liulf d'Aldithley.

[AUD1451] Adam d'Aldithley married [FZRM452] Emma (born c.1153, daughter of [FZRM441] Ralf FitzOrm, see FITZORM).

[AUD1461] Henry d'Aldithley (born c.1175) married (1217) [MAIW462] Bertred Mainwaring (see MAINWARING). Henry was Under Sheriff of Salop & Stafford (1217-20 & 1227-32); in command of the Welsh Marches (1223-46); built Castle of Heleigh (Staffs), and Red Castle (Salop); founded Hulton Abbey (1223); and was Custodian of Chester and Beeston Castle (1237). He died before 1246.

[AUD1472] Alice d'Aldithley (daughter of Henry) married (before 1229) [MONF481] Piers de Montfort (see MONTFORT).

[AUD1471] James d'Aldithley (born c.1220, son of Henry) married (1244) [LONG472] Ela Longspee (see SALISBURY (LONGESPEE) EARLDOM). He was Keeper of the Castle of Newcastle under Lyme (1250); Lord Marches, Sheriff of Salop and Staffs (1261-62 and 1270-71); Justice of Ireland (1270-72). James took an active part on the side of King Henry III against the Barons, being in arms for Henry on the Welsh Marches (1264), and engaging in the Evesham campaign (1265). James died in Ireland by "breaking his neck" (June 1272).

[GLO2491] Hugh d'Aldithley (born c.1267, 5th son of James d'Aldithley, is described under GLOUCESTER (AUDLEY) EARLDOM.

[AUD1481] Nicholas d'Aldithley (born c.1258, 4th son of James) married [GIFF422] Catherine Giffard (born 1272, see BRIMPSFIELD BARONY). He died August 1299.

[AUD1491] Nicholas Audley (born November 1289, 2nd son of Nicholas) married (1312) [MART432] Joan de Martin (widow, see MARTIN BARONY). He was created 1st Lord Audley (1313), and died shortly before December 1316.

[AUD1501] James Audley (born at Keale, Notts, January 1313) married 1. [MRCH502] Joan of March (see WIGMORE (MORTIMER) BARONY); then 2. (1351) Isabel (daughter of Robert, Lord FitzWalter). James became 2nd Lord Audley (1316). In 1324 he inherited Newport Castle (Pembrokeshire), the former seat of his maternal grandfather, [MART421] William III FitzMartin. James distinguished himself at the battle of Sluys (24th June 1340), and at the Battle of Poitiers (19th September 1356) when he was severely wounded. He was invested Knight of the Garter (1348). He died at Heleigh (April 1386).

[AUD1512] Joan Audley (daughter of James & Joan) married [AUD2511] Sir John (see AUDLEY (TUCHET) BARONY below).


[AUD2421] Orme Tuchet (born c.1070).

[AUD2431] Matthew Tuchet (born c.1100).

[AUD2441] Simon Tuchet (born c.1132), Lord of Buglawton and Tattonhall, married Petronilla (daughter of Roger of Cwmbrai). Simon died c.1204.

[AUD2451] Robert Tuchet (born c.1160) married [COMX452] Alice FitzRoger (daughter of Roger FitzAlured, see COMBREY). He died 13th December 1248.

[AUD2461] Thomas Tuchet (born c.1192) married (1212) Isabella.

[AUD2471] Robert Tuchet (born c.1218) married Eva (daughter of Roger de Appleby). He died 13th October 1248.

[AUD2481] Thomas Tuchet (born 1244) married Margery. He died before 1315.

[AUD2491] Robert Tuchet (born c.1275 [else 25th December 1264]) married 1. Agnes of Buglawton (born c.1279, died 1298); then 2. Joan. He died 1337.

[AUD2501] Thomas Tuchet (born c.1298, son of Robert & Agnes) married Joan (born c.1302). He died 18th August 1349.

[AUD2511] Sir John Tuchet (born 25th July 1327) married [AUD1512] Joan Audley (see AUDLEY (ALDITHLEY) BARONY above). John represented his father in France (1346-47), serving as a Knight in the retinue of William, 6th Earl of Northampton. He later Campaigned in Gascony (1355-56) with the household of Thomas, 11th Earl of Warwick. Sir John died before 1362.

[AUD2521] Sir John II Audley (born c.1350), of Markheaton, Derbys, married (before 1371) [MRCH522] Margery of March (daughter of Earl Roger, see MARCH (MORTIMER) EARLDOM).

John de Howard, 12th Earl of Pembroke, Lieutenant of King Edward IIII's forces in Aquitaine, sailed in command of a fleet of reinforcements to relieve La Rochelle (June 1372). He was defeated by a much more powerful Spanish fleet in the Battle off La Rochelle which lasted two days. Sir John Tuchet was slain during this Battle (on 23rd June). Afterwards, his widow married 2. John Dabridgecourt.

[AUD2531] John Audley (born 23rd April 1371) married [STAR532] Elisabeth Stafford (see STAFFORD). He took part in the Welsh war against Owain Glyn Dwr (1401-08), and became 4th Lord Audley (1405). Isabel died June 1405, and John died 19th December 1408.

[AUD2541] James Audley (born 1398) married [ROOS543] Margaret de Ros (see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY). He became 5th Lord Audley (1408), and died 23rd September 1459.

[AUD2551] John Audley married [ECHI552] Anne Echingham (see ECHINGHAM). This was her 2nd marriage, having previously married 1. John Rogers of Bryanston, Dorset (died August 1450). John became 6th Lord Audley (1459), then Lord Treasurer to King Richard III (1484). He died 26th September 1490, followed by Anne (7th May 1498).

[AUD2562] Anne Audley (daughter of John) married [WING561] Sir John (see WINGFIELD).