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[various sources quote slightly different dates]

[BAVA271] Count Heinrich of Bavaria m. ?
. [AUST371] Duke Leopold I of Bavaria m. [EPPE293] Richwara von Sualafeld
. . [AUST381] March Count Adalbert I of Austria m1. [WSAX382] Glismod von Utrecht
. . . [AUST392] March Count Leopold of Ungarnmark m. [BRUN323] Ida von Elstorf of Brunswick
. . . . [AUST402] Justizia von Ungarnmark m. [WOLF341] Count Otto II of Wolfratshausen
. . . [AUST391] March Count Ernst of Austria m1. [WETT392] Adelheid von Wettin
. . . . [AUST401] March Count Leopold II of Austria m. [TRAU402] Itha von Formbach-Ratelberg
. . . . . [AUST411] March Count Leopold III of Austria m2. [GER2343] Princess Agnes von Germany
. . . . . . [AUST422] Agnes von Austria m2. [POLA351] Duke Wladyslaw II of Poland
. . . . . . [AUST423] Judith von Austria m. [MONX381] March Count William V of Montferrat

[AUST371] Leopold I the illustrious (born 940, son of [BAVA271] Count Heinrich, see BAVARIA DUKEDOM), married [EPPE293] Richwara (daughter of Count Ernst, see EPPENSTEIN). He was 1st March Count of Austria (975-96), Count in Traungau, Sundergau & Donaugau, DUKE OF AUSTRIA (976-94), and died at Wurzburg (July 994).

[AUST381] Adalbert I the victorious (born 980, son of Leopold I) married 1. [WSAX382] Glismod of Utrecht (daughter of Count Immed IV, see  WEST SAXONY COUNTS); then 2. Froiza/Adelheid/Dominica (daughter of Ottone Orseolo, DOGE OF VENICE). Adalbert was March Count of Austria (1018-55, succeeding his brother Henry I), and died 28th May 1055 [elsewhere shown June 1056], and Glismod died 17th February 1071.

[AUST392] Leopold (son of Adalbert & Glismod), March Count of Ungarnmark, is alleged to have married [BRUN323] Ida von Elstorf (daughter of March Count Liudolf, see BRUNSWICK). He died at Ingelheim (9th December 1043).

[AUST402] Justizia (daughter of Leopold) married [WOLF341] Count Otto II (see WOLFRATSHAUSEN).

[AUST391] Ernst (born c.1028, son of Adalbert & Glismod) married 1. [WETT392] Adelheid (daughter of March Count Dedi II, see WETTIN COUNTY), died January 1071; then 2. Swanhilde of Chiemgau. He was March Count of Austria (1053-75), and was killed in battle (June 1075). Adelheid died 26th January 1071.

[AUST401] Leopold II the handsome (born 1050, son of Ernst & Adelheid) married [TRAU402] Itha (born 1050, daughter of Count Thiemo II, see TRAUNGAU COUNTY). He was March Count of Austria (1075-1095), and died 12th October 1095. Itha probably died 1101.

[AUST411] Leopold III the Saint (born 1070, son of Leopold) married 1. --- (daughter of --- of Perg), died before 1105; then 2. (1106) [GER2349] Princess Agnes (born 1072, widow, daughter of EMPEROR HEINRICH IV, see GERMAN DUKEDOMS & KINGDOMS). He was March Count of Austria (1095-1136), and was killed whilst hunting (15th November 1136). He was canonised (1485). Agnes died 24th September 1143.

[AUST422] Agnes (born 1111, daughter of Leopold III & Agnes) married 1. DUKE FREDERICK I VON STAUFEN; then 2. (c.1125-27) [POLA351] DUKE WLADYSLAW II (see POLAND DUKEDOM).

[AUST423] Judith of Austria (daughter of Leopold III & Agnes) married [MONX381] March Count William V (see MONTFERRAT MARCH COUNTY).