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[HEID281] Ansfrid le goz, Steward of Normandy m. Wimarc
. [AVRX291] Seigneur Thurstan le goz de Hiesmes m. Judith de Montpellier
. . [AVRX301] Vicomte Richard FitzToustain d'Avranches m. Emma
. . . [CHES311] Earl Hugh of Chester &. a mistress
. . . [AVRX313] Judith d'Avranches m. [AIGL341] Seigneur Richer de l'Aigle
. . . [AVRX314] Margaret d'Avranches m. [BAYZ321] Vicomte Ranulph du Bessin

[AVRX291] Thurstan le goz (born c.989, son of [HEID281] Ansfrid II Unfroi le goz, see HEIDMARK), Seigneur de Hiesmes, married Judith de Montpellier (born c.994, daughter of William de Montpellier, the son of William de Montpellier), though another source shows her as Judith de Montanolier/Montalier/Monterolier (born c.994, daughter of DUKE RICHARD I OF NORMANDY, by Gunnora, but Judith's name is absent from a list of Duke Richard's children). He died 1041, and Judith died 1044.

[AVRX301] Richard FitzToustain le goz (born 1025), Vicomte d'Avranches, married Emma (who was not the daughter of Herluin de Conteville, as was originally supposed).

According to Medlands:

A manuscript relating to St Werburgh´s Chester records that “Hugo Lupus filius ducis Britannić et nepos Guilelmi magni ex sorore” transformed the foundation into a monastery. This suggests that Hugues´s mother may have been a uterine sister of King William, and therefore daughter of Herluin de Conteville. However, no indication has been [found] in other primary sources which supports the contention that Hugues was the son of a duke of Brittany. It is assumed therefore that both lines of his parentage have been romanticised in this document to improve his status and reputation.

Richard died 1066.

[AVRX313] Judith (born c.1054, daughter of Richard) married [AIGL341] Richer (see AIGLE).

[AVRX314] Marguerite/Maud (born c.1050, daughter of Richard) married [BAYZ321] Ranulph (see BAYEUX COUNTY).

[CHES311] Hugh d'Avranches vras or le gros (born c.1053, son of Richard), Earl of Chester, is described under CHESTER (AVRANCHES) EARLDOM.