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Note that the Babylonian Exilarchate was eventually abolished in 1401CE by the Tartar-Khan Timerlane


Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians (586BCE), and the survivors were deported to Babylon

[BAB1241] Neri/Neriah ha-David (son of [NATH231] Melchi/Melki ha-David, see NATHANITE), married [SOLO242] Tamar (heiress) of the Davidic Dynasty (daughter of Crown Prince Johan of Judah, see JUDAH KINGDOM). After Neriah's death, Tamar married 2. King Jeconiah (the 1st Exilarch in Babylonia).

[BAB1252] Pedaiah (son of Neriah & Tamar).

[BAB1262] Princess Esthra (daughter of Pedaiah), married her first-cousin, [BABI261] Zorobabel, see below.

[BAB1251] Salathial/Shaltiel/Shealtiel ha-David (son of Neriah & Tamar), step-son of King Jeconiah and heir presumptive, 2nd Exilarch.

[BAB1261] Zorobabel/Zerubabel ha David "post-Exilic royal heir of the Davidic Dynasty" (son of Salathial by his 1st wife), 3rd Exilarch, returned to Israel-Palestine after Shahanshah Cyrus the Great of Persia directed (538BCE, shortly after he had captured Babylon) that Jews should return to Jerusalem (which was now part of the Persian Empire). Zorobabel became the Governor of the new Persian province of Judea, and was the 1st Prince of Israel, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Patriarch of Jerusalem. Contrary to Jewish law forbidding Jews to marry non-Jews Zorobabel married 1. Princess Amytis, a Babylonian Princess, (daughter of King Amel-Marduk [Evil-Merodach] of Babylon, and granddaughter of King Nabu-kudurri-usur [Nebuchadrezzar] of Babylon). This marriage was annulled for political reasons, but Zorobabel then married 2. Princess Rhodah (sister of Shahanshah Cyrus the Great of Persia). They were divorced (again for political reasons), and afterwards Princess Rhodah married 2. her cousin Prince Hystaspes of Persia, and became the mother of Shah Darius the Great. Finally Zorobabel married 3. (his first-cousin) [BAB1262] Esthra, a Jewish Princess (daughter of Pedaiah, see above).

Shazrezzar (son of Zorobabel & Princess Amytis), is dealt with under MARY & JOSEPH.

Reza (Rhesa) (son of Zorobabel & Princess Rhodah), a Jewish Prince, is dealt with under MARY & JOSEPH.

[BAB1272] Hananiah/Khanayia/Chanania ha-David (2nd son of Zorobabel & Princess Esthra), succeeded his elder brother Meshullam to become 5th Exilarch, married Princess Esther ha-David.

[BAB1282] Yeshaiah/Jeshaiah ha-David (2nd son of Hananiah), 8th Exilarch (c.480-475 BCE).

[BAB1291] Rephaiah ha-David, 10th Exilarch.

[BAB1301] Arnan ha-David, predeceased his father.

[BAB1311] Obadiah/Ovadaya ha-David, succeeded his grandfather as 11th Exilarch.

[BAB1321] Shecaniah I ha-David, 12th Exilarch.

[BAB1331] Shemaiah I ha-David, 13th Exilarch.

[BAB1341] Neariah ha-David (5th son of Shemaiaih), 18th Exilarch.

[BAB1351] Elioenoi ha-David, 20th Exilarch.


[BAB1361] Akkub/Akuv ha-David, co-24th Exilarch (with his six brothers) married --- bat Hizkiah.

[BAB1371] David died 167BCE.

[BAB1381] Shlomo fought the Syrians under Maccabee Ethnarchs. He died 135BCE.

[BAB1391] Shemaiah/Shemaya, reproved the Maccabee Ethnarch Hyrcanus I for illegally assuming the tile of King (129BCE), and was executed for his opposition (129BCE).

[BAB1401] David.

[BAB1411] Shechaniah/Schania.

[BAB1421] Hizkiah/Hezekiah III, 33rd Exilarch (50-25BCE).

[BAB1431] Shalom/Shlomo.

[BAB1441] Nathan, living c.25-50.

[BAB1451] Hunya, living c.50-75.

[BAB1461] Schlomo.

[BAB1471] Yakov ben Shlomo.

[BAB2501] Ahija/Ahijah ha-David, 44th Exilarch of the 1st Dynasty, and 1st Exilarch of the 2nd Dynasty (see BABYLONIAN EXILARCHS - SECOND DYNASTY).