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[BAB1471] Yakov ben Shlomo married ?
[BAB2501] Ahija/Ahijah ha-David, 44th Exilarch of 1st Dynasty (see BABYLONIAN EXILARCHS - FIRST DYNASTY), 
was 1st Exilarch of 2nd Dynasty (135-45).

[BAB2511] Johanen (III) ha-David, 3rd Exilarch (170-75).

[BAB2521] Shaphat ha-David, Exilarch (175-95).

[BAB2531] Hanan/Anani ha-David, 10th Exilarch, married --- bat Abba Arikha (daughter of Abba Arikha ben Aivu).

[BAB2541] Nathan I (Ukna) 'Ukba ha-David, Exilarch (260-270), died c.270.

[BAB2551] Nehemiah (I) ha-David, 14th Exilarch (270-313), was executed 313.

[BAB2561] Okvan Mar Uqba II ha-David, 15th Exilarch (313), was a victim of persecution. He was executed by Shah Sapor II of Persia (320).

[BAB2571] Abba Mari ha-David, 20th Exilarch (350-70), was attacked by Romans under the Roman Emperor Julian the apostate (360-63), while the Persians stood aside and did not get involved in the war in Mesopotamia.

[BAB2582] Nathan II (elder son of Abba Mari), 21st Exilarch (370-400).

[BAB2592] Sashandukht Galutha bat Nathan married [PERS321] Shah Yazdagird of Persia (399-420) (see PERSIA).

[BAB2581] Kahane/Khanai I (younger son of Abba Mari), succeeded his nephew 22nd Exilarch Hachni (son of 21st Exilarch Nathan II), as 23rd Exilarch (400-15).

[BAB2591] Nathan, Crown Prince, predeceased his father (died 413).

[HUNA602] Huna IV (son of Crown Prince Nathan) is described under HUNA IV's LINE.

[BAB2601] Khanai/Khane II (son of Crown Prince Nathan).

[BAB2611] Zutra.

[BAB2621] Maremar.

[BAB2631] Haninai, Head of The Academy, married [HUNA642] Hava/Hanah ha-David (daughter of Exilarch Huna VI, see HUNA VI'S LINE).

[BAB2641] Mar-Zutra II, 30th Exilarch (508 and 512-20), married 1. --- (sister of Pachda, who was Regent 508-12); then 2. --- (daughter of Pachda). He reigned first under the Regency of Pachda (508-12), the brother of his first wife (and thus father of his second wife). He moved his seat to Mahoza, and opposed Shah Kobad of Persia, who finally crucified him (520) outside his own capital-city. His son & heir Ahunai (by 1st wife) went into hiding until the accession of Shah Khusrau the just (531), whilst his other son Sutra (by 2nd wife) was carried as an infant to safety in Palestine. There was then an interval before the Exilarchy was again restored.

[BAB2651] Ahunai aka Huna Mar II ben Zutra (son of Mar-Zutra by his 1st wife, the sister of Pacha/Pachda, who was Regent (508-12)), 31st Exilarch (550-60), resided at Mahoza. He died c.560.

[BAB2661] Hofnai/Kafnai/Qafnai ha David, 32nd Exilarch (560-81). He died c.581.

[BAB2671] Haninai/Haminai ha-David (son of Hofnai), 33rd Exilarch (581-89).

[BAB3689] Bostonai (Bustanai) ben Haninai, founded a new Dynasty, see BABYLONIAN EXILARCHS - THIRD DYNASTY.