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[BAB3689] Bostonai/Bustanai ben Haninai (see BABYLONIAN EXILARCHS - SECOND DYNASTY), married [PERS422] Princess Izdundad Sassanid of Persia (see PERSIA). He was 1st Exilarch of the 3rd Dynasty (642-65). He died c.665.

He was appointed by the Arabic Caliph as the new Exilarchy in 642, which began a new [3rd] dynasty of Exilarchs. Bostanai caught the attention of the caliph as a sixteen year old youth, when he did not flinch out of respect for the caliph when a bee (or wasp) landed on the side of his head but remained at attention. The caliph was so moved by the episode that he removed "the Arab Shiekh" who was then Exilarch and gave the Exilarchate office to Bostonai, and also gave him a Parthian Princess Dara-Izdadwar for his [2nd] wife. Bostonai married 1. [QURA362] Princess Adoa, an Arabic-Jewish princess, (daughter of [QURA351] Assad Ibn Hashim, a Quraysh sheik, who died 582); then 2. Princess Izdundad/Izdadwar Sassanid (daughter of [PERS411] Shah Yazdegerd III, see PERSIA), but who was then considered by the Jews to have been a "foreign wife".

The House of Bostanai thus developed into two great branches. Upon the death of Bostenai his sons by his 1st [Jewish] wife insisted that their father's "foreign wife" as well as her three sons were illegitimate, and, as such, had no claim to the succession. The judges were divided in opinion, but finally decided that the marriage with his "foreign wife" was morganatic and that the offspring of that marriage had no claim to the succession. It is absolutely untrue that "the birthright" passed to the offspring of Bostanai and his second wife as the "Bahai' Faith" pretends, when history clearly records that "the birthright" passed to the offspring of his first wife.

The son and descendants of Bostanai and his 1st wife were his successors in the Jewish Exilarchy, that is, they were the medieval Jewish Exilarchs; while the three sons of Bostanai and his 2nd wife founded regional-dynasties in three Iranian provinces, which were (a) Tabaristan [the Buwayhids, that is, the Shaharite Line]; (b) Gilan [the Dabwaihides, that is, the Davidides]; & (c) Mazandaran [the Baduspanides].

[BAB4692] Shahrijar/Shahari ben Bostanai (son of Bostanai & Izdadwar Sassanid), 1st Prince of Tabaristan (665-79), married [KAUS682] --- (sister of Prince Baw of Persia, son of [KAUS671] Shapor, son of [KAUS661] Kaus)

[BAB4701] Yomtov-Ruzbihan/Ahunai (son of Shahrijar) aka Ahunai aka Bera Ha-Nebi

[HEBA231] Zakkai Yehuda aka Eudo/Eudes (son of Ahunai aka Bera Ha-Nebi) later became Jewish Ruler of Aquitaine. He married 1. (at Babylon, c.710) Sussanah ha-Geveret (daughter of Exilarch Hananiah ben David), so that his issue would then have Jewish Royal blood, as follows, down to Charlemagne and beyond.

[HEBA242] Judith (Bertha/Bertrade) married [PEPI231] King Pepin the short of the Franks (750-768).

[PEPI241] Carloman, King of the Franks (768-771, jointly with his brother)

[CARO249] David Kalonymus (Charles), King Charles the Great (768-814) (Charlemagne).

[BAB4712] Judith bat Ahunai (daughter of Yomtov-Ruzbihan) married [BAB3701] Nehemiah ben Haninai (see below).

[BAB3691] Haninai ben Bostanai (son of Bostanai & Adoa) married [SURA692] --- bat Hananiah mi-Sura (i.e. daughter of [SURA681] Hananiah mi-Sura, head of the Torah Academy at Sura).

[BAB3702] Sussan/Sussanah (daughter of Haninai ben Bustanai) married [BAB3721] Judah/Yedah of the Davidic Dynasty (see below).

[BAB3701] Nehemiah ben Haninai married [BAB4712] Judith bat Ahunai (see above).

[BAB3711] Yitzchak/Yizkah/Isaac.

[BAB3721] Judah/Yedah married [BAB3702] Sussan/Sussanah (daughter of Haninai ben Bustanai, see above).

[BAB3731] David I, 18th Exilarch died after 840.

[BAB3741] Judah I, 20th Exilarch died after 857.

[BAB3751] Zakkai.

[BAB3761] David II, 26th (& 28th) Exilarch died after 940.

[BAB3771] Judah II, 29th Exilarch died 961.

[BAB3781] Chizkiya I (II), 30th (& 33rd & 35th) Exilarch died after 980.

[BAB3791] David I (III), 36th Exilarch died after 1001.

[BAB3801] Chizkiya/Hezekiah II (IV), 38th Exilarch (1021-40, deposed). Last Gaon (Head of Academy, 1038-58) of Pumbedita in Babylonia. He was imprisoned, released and finally executed by the Caliph of Baghdad (c.1058), and afterwards some of his sons fled to Spain for a while.

[PISA321] Yosef/Joseph of Fustat (son of Hezekiah) is described under PISA.