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Two places named Baconsthorpe were mentioned in the Domesday Book, both in Norfolk. The one with a castle, 3 miles from Holt, is the Baconsthorpe referred to.

At least two other versions exist, so this version is not necessarily accurate. This version follows

[BACO410] Anchetal de Bacon (presumably of Bacon, an ancient Seigneury in Normandy).

[BACO411] Grimbaldus of  Letheringsett (born in Normandy, c.1075).

[BACO421] Ralph FitzGrimbaldus de Beccen Thorpe, of Letheringsett (born c.1106).

[BACO431] George FitzGrimbaldus de Beccen, of Letheringsett (born c.1139).

[BACO441] Roger Bacon [born c.1170], of Letheringsett, died after 1216.

[BACO451] Robert Bacon [born c.1192], of Letheringsett.

[BACO461] Reginald Bacon (born c.1215), of Lodie.

[BACO471] Richard Bacon [born c.1235], of Lodie, married [MYNS482] Lady Alice (daughter of [MYNS471] Conan Mynston (see MYNSTON).

[BACO481] Sir Robert Bacon [born c.1260] married [INGX492] --- de Ingham (daughter of [INGX481] Richard de Ingham/Hingham).

[BACO491] Sir Henry Bacon [born c.1285] married [LUDH502] Margaret Ludham (born c.1288, daughter of [LUDH491] Henry Ludham). Sir Henry died 1318.

[BACO501] Sir Henry Bacon [born c.1310].

[BACO511] Sir Roger Bacon (born at Baconsthorpe, [c.1335]) married [KIRT512] Felicia Kirton ([born c.1335], daughter of [KIRT501] Robert Kirton). Roger died 1394. Roger appears to have had only three children, all daughters. Beatrix (the eldest) married William Thorpe.

[BACO522] Dorothy Bacon (born 1354, 2nd daughter of Roger) married [SULY521] John Sulyard (see SULYARD).

[BACO523] Catherine Bacon (youngest daughter of Roger) married [apparently] 1. (c.1382) [ASTL521] Thomas Astley (see ASTLEY); then [apparently] 2. either Thomas Grantewelle or John Huse.