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[DASK231] Satrap Pharnabazus of Daskalytis m. [PERP232] Apama of Persia
. [DASK242] Amastris of Daskalytis m. [BACT241] Satrap Spitamenes of Bactria

[DASK231] Pharnabazus, Satrap of Daskalytis, married [PERP232] Apama (daughter of Shah Artaxerxes II, see EARLY SHAHS OF PERSIA). He died c. 387-374BCE.

[DASK242] Amastris (daughter of Pharnabazus) married [BACT241] Satrap Spitamenes, see BACTRIA SATRAPS below.


[BACT241] Satrap Spitamenes of Bactria m. [DASK242] Amastris of Daskalytis
. [BACT252] Princess Apama of Bactria m. [SYRI091] King Seleucus I of Macedonia

[BACT241] Spitamenes, a Persian courtier, Satrap of Bactria, married [DASK242] Amastris (daughter of Pharnabazus, see DASKALYTIS SATRAPS above). He was killed by his followers (328BCE).

[BACT252] Apama (daughter of Spitamenes) married [SYRI091] King Seleucus I of Syria (see SYRIA KINGDOM).


[BACK091] General Apollodotos m. ?
. [BACK101] King Euthydemos of Bactria m. Berenice of Bactria
. . [BACK111] King Demetrios I of Bactria m. Sundari Maurya of Magadha
. . . [BACP121] King Pantaleon of Bactria m. [BACD122] --- of Bactria
. . . [BACK123] Princess Alexandria of Bactria m. [BACP131] King Agathocles of Bactria
. . . [BACK121] King Antimachos I of Bactria m. ?
. . . . [BACK131] King Demetrios II of Bactria m. --- of Macedonia
. . . . . [BACK141] King Mendandros of Mathura m. [BACP142] Princess Agathokleia of Bactria
. . . . . . [BACA151] King Apollodotos II of Bactria m. ?
. . . . . . [PANC151] King Antialkidas I of Pancanada m. ?
. . . . . . [BACK151] King Strato of Bactria m. ?
. . . . . . . [BACK161] King Hippostratus of Bactria m. [BACA162] --- of Bactria
. . . . . . . . [BACK172] Princess Calliope of Bactria m. [BACW191] King Hermaeus of Western Bactria

[BACK091] Apollodotos, General.

[BACK101] Euthydemos, King of Bactria, married Berenice of Bactria.

[BACK111] Demetrios I, King of Bactria (200-190BCE), married Sundari Maurya (daughter of King Brihadratha Maurya of Magadha). He probably had several wives, and it is possible his children Pantaleon, Alexandria and Antimachos had different mothers, over a wide span of time.

[BACK123] Alexandria (daughter of Demetrios I) married [BACP132] King Agathocles I of Bactria (see below).

[BACP121] Pantaleon (son of Demetrios I), succeeded Demetrios I as King of Bactria (c.190-185BCE). He married [BACD122] --- (unnamed daughter of [BACD111] Diodotus II of Bactria, son of [BACD101] Diodotus I of Bactria).

[BACP131] Agathocles I the just (son of Pantaleon), succeeded Pantaleon as King of Bactria (c.185-180BCE). He married [BACK123] Alexandria (daughter of King Demetrios I of Bactria, see above).

[BACP142] Agathokleia (daughter of Agathocles) married [BACK141] King Mendandros of Mathuria (see below).

[BACK121] Antimachos I (son of Demetrios I, or perhaps his brother), King of Bactria (c.185-170BCE).

[BACK131] Demetrios II, King of Bactria (175-140BCE), married --- (unnamed daughter of Antimachus theos of Macedonia, great-grandson of King Alexander the Great).

[BACK141] Mendandros/Menander/Milinda I soter [saviour], King of Mathura (in present-day Pakistan) (c.160-135BCE). He married [BACP142] Agathokleia (daughter of King Agathocles I of Bactria, see above). According to tradition, Mendandros became a Buddhist. After his death His widow, Queen Agathokleia, ruled in northern India (135-125BCE), as Regent for their young son Strato I (who later ruled 125-110BCE).

[PANC151] Antialkidas I (son of Mendandros) became King of Pancanada (134-116BCE) (see PANCANADA KINGDOM for later details.

[BACA151] Apollodotos II (son of Mendandros), King of Bactria.

[BACA162] --- (unnamed daughter of Apollodotos) married her first-cousin [BACK161] King Hippostratus of Bactria (see below).

[BACK151] Strato soter I [=the saviour and righteous] (son of Mendandros), King of Bactria (Mathura) (125-110BCE), alleged married --- (unnamed sister of Maharajah Vasumitra of India, and daughter of Maharajah Agnimitra). It seems more likely that she in fact married another Strato, viz his uncle Strato Epiphanes.

[BACK161] Hippostratus soter, King of Bactria, married his first-cousin [BACA162] --- (unnamed daughter of King Apollodotos of Bactria, see above).

[BACK172] Calliope of Bactria (daughter of Hippostratus) married [BACW191] King Hermaeus of Western Bactria, see WESTERN BACTRIA KINGDOM see below).


In the Hindu-Kush territory of the Paropamisadae, with its capital at Alexandria of the Caucasus, near present-day Kabul in Afghanistan

[BACW131] Heliocles of Bactria m. Laodice of Bactria
. [BACW141] Eucritides I of Bactria m. ?
. . [BACW151] Heliocles of Bactria m. ?
. . . [BACW161] Lysias of Bactria m. ?
. . . . [BACW171] Antialcidas of Bactria m. ?
. . . . . [BACW181] Amyntas of Bactria m. ?
. . . . . . [BACW191] King Hermaeus of Western Bactria m. [BACK172] Princess Calliope of Bactria
. . . . . . . [BACW202] --- of Bactria m. [KUSH201] King Kadphises I of the Kushans

[BACW131] Heliocles of Bactria married Laodice of Bactria (possibly daughter of [BACK111] King Demetrios I, see above under BACTRIA KINGS).

[BACW141] Eucritides I of Bactria.

[BACW151] Heliocles of Bactria.

[BACW161] Lysias of Bactria.

[BACW171] Antialcidas of Bactria.

[BACW181] Amyntas of Bactria.

[BACW191] Hermaeus, the last King of Western Bactria, married [BACK172] Calliope of Bactria (daughter of King Hippostratus of Bactria, see BACTRIA KINGDOM above).

[BACW202] --- (unnamed daughter & heiress of Hermaeus) married [KUSH201] King Kujula/Kujula Kadphises I of Kushans (see KUSHANS KINGDOM).