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IGI denotes details extracted from International Genealogical Index, but not checked at source

Early entries have been extracted from Laurie Barber's website, who in turn acknowledged assistance from the late Donald Caddick (died 2003).

[BARB481] Robert le Barbour, the Elder, (born c.1260) married Margaret le Tanner. Robert died c.1330.

[BARB491] Robert le Barbour, the Younger, (born c.1280, at Fressingfield) married Catherine ---.

[BARB501] John le Barbour (born c.1310, [at Fressingfield] possibly married [WEYL513] Cecily de Weyland de Burghersia (see WEYLAND)

[BARB511] Roger le Barbour (born c.1330, at Fressingfield) married Eliza ---.

lBARB521] Thomas le Barbour (born c.1360, at Fressingfield) married Mary ---. Thomas died c.1435 and Mary died c.1440.

[BARB531] Sir Roger le Barbier de Felcourt (born c.1390, at Fressingfield) married Sarah Andreses (born c.1390)

[BARB541] Sir John Richard Barbur (born c.1410, at Fressingfield) married --- Lynn (born c.1415). John died 1457 at Fressingfield. Lynn died c.1485. . 

[BARB551] Sir James Barbor I (born c.1434, at Fressingfield), Earl of Suffolk (?self-styled), married 1. (1459, at Fressingfield) [BYRD552] Lady Joan de Byrd (born c.1439, daughter of [BYRD541] Sir John le Byrd & Lady Cicely Dutton (see LE BIRD); then  2. Joan.

By his first marriage Sir John had three children:

Nicholas (born 1460 at Great Whittington, Northumberland);

John (born 1460, at Marston, Dorset};

William (born c.1464, at Fressingfield).

Lady Joan Barbor died 30th January 1479. Sir James then married 2. (c.1479-85) [XXXX552].Joan. By this second marriage John had at least one son, though William (1464) said later he had two half-brothers.

[BARB561] James (born c.1486, at Chippenhall, Fressingfield, by Joan ---). He married [XXXX562] Alice de Bohun, see later.

Sir James Barbor died  27th July 1498.

The names of Sir James' two wives and their order are unclear. Two wives both named Joan is debatable.

[BARB561] Sir James Barbar II (born c.1486) married (29th April 1507, at Fressingfield) [XXXX562] Countess Alice de Bohun (suggesting she was the widow of an Earl). They had at least four children as follows:

Agnes (born 1512), married (1537) Thomas Aldous;

Robert (born 1516), predeceased his father;

Elizabeth (born 1520), married Richard Gyrling, and they had a son Robert (baptised at Fressingfield, 6th November 1555 IGI); 

[BARB571] Nicholas (born at Chippenhall, Fressingfield, c.1524), married Agnes Grinling, see later.

Sir James died at Fressingfield (buried there, 6th January 1558-59, leaving a will in which his beneficiaries included his wife Alice, his son Nicholas (executor) and his grandson Francis (son of Nicholas). Sir James held considerable property in Fressingfield, Mendham, Withersfield, Tiveshall, Dickleburgh, Gissling(?) and Linstead..

Alice died at Fressingfield (buried there 30th January 1579) and also left a will.

[BARB571] Nicholas Barbar (born c.1524) and his wife Agnes Grinling (born c.1521, at Stradbroke). [However Thomas Gyrling held the manor of Stradbroke suggesting Grinling could be an error]. Nicholas and Agnes had at least four children born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

Francis ([born c.1555], presumably eldest son, because mentioned in paternal grandfather's will), married (at Fressingfield, 1588 IGI) Elizabeth Cory;

[BARB581] Nicholas (baptised 23rd December 1559 IGI), married ---, see later;

Simon (baptised 28th September 1562 IGI);

James (baptised 15th December 1565 IGI).

Nicholas died at Fressingfield (buried there 28th June 1598), leaving a will in which his beneficiaries included his wife Agnes and his nephew Robert Gyrling (mentioned above), but no references to his son Nicholas and his children.

[BARB581] Nicholas Barbar (born 1559) and his wife ---  [possibly Margaret Goodwin formerly Godbold] They had eight children apparently born in a span of eight years, and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

Samuell (baptised 17th March 1576-77 IGI);

Elizabeth (baptised 8th December 1577 IGI);

James (baptised 5th June 1579 IGI);

Marie (baptised 5th July 1579 IGI);

[BARB592] Grace (baptised 8th October 1581 IGI), married (at Fressingfield, 23rd December 1605) [WOOL591] Edmonde Woolnough (born 1584), see WOOLNOUGH);

Martha (baptised 29th April 1582 IGI);

Susanne (baptised 16th February 1583-84 IGI);

Sara (baptised 27th September 1584 IGI).

Confusingly, the IGI shows a Nicholas Barber marrying Margaret Woolnough (at Fressingfield, 23rd September 1565 IGI), and a child from this marriage was Nicholas (baptised at Fressingfield 28th August 1569 IGI, mother's name given as Mgarett). The relationship is not understood. There is evidence of a Nicholas Barbar marrying (c.1576 IGI) a widow (Margaret Goodwin, formerly Godbold). She had possibly previously married (Suffolk, 3rd December 1560 IGI) John Goodwin.

There were thus perhaps two Barbar families of Nicholas & Margaret at Fressingfield having children about the same time, making it impossible to differentiate between them, unless one of the families deposited their pedigree in the 16th-17th centuries.