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[BARC321] Sunifred/Seniofredo I (born c.800, son of [CARC311] Count Bello, see CARCASSONNE COUNTY) married Ermesendis. In the dynastic struggles between the death of King Louis the pious of France (840) and the Treaty of Verdun (843), the various magnates around Barcelona and Septimania aligned with Pepin II d'Aquitaine, while the House of Bello aligned itself with King Charles the bald of France. King Charles captured Toulouse (844) and had Bernard de Septimania executed, and his Honours of Agde, Barcelona, Gerona, Melgueil, Narbonne and Nimes were handed to Sunifred. Sunifred thus became Count of Barcelona, Beziers, Cerdana, Gerona, Narbonne, Nimes and Urgelll. However, Bernard's son William le pieux was named Count of Toulouse by Pepin II. William moved swiftly to eliminate Sunifred, and killed him in battle (849).

[BARC331] Guilfre (Wilfred) I el vellosa [=the hairy] (born near Prades [now Ria], France) married (877) Gersende (of disputed origin). He received the counties of Barcelona, Besalu and Gerona from King Louis the stammerer of France (878), and was their respective Counts (878-97). He was also Count of Cerdana (870) and Ausona (886). Wilfred was killed in battle (probably 11th August 898) when the Moslems led by Lobo ibn Mohammed attacked Barcelona.

[BESA271] Miron II (son of Guilfre I), became Count of Cerdanya, Confluent & Bergueda (see under BESALU & CERDANYA COUNTY.

 [BARC343] Guinidilda (daughter of Guilfre I) married [TOUL291] Raymond II (see TOULOUSE COUNTY).

[BARC341] Sunyer I was Count of Ausona, and succeeded his brother, Wilfredo II, as Count of Barcelona & Gerona (912-47). He married 1. Aimilda (died c.920); then 2. (c.917) [TOUL304] Richilde/Adelaide de Rouerge (daughter of Count Ermengaud, see TOULOUSE COUNTY). He abdicated (947) in favour of his son Miro, and died 15th October 954.

[BARC352] Adelaide de Urgell (daughter of Count Sunifredo & Adelaide) married [LLUC341] Eisson de Lhuca (see LLUCA).

[BARC351] Borrell II (born c.920, son of Sunyer & Richilde) succeeded his brother Miro as Count of Ausona and Urgell, and Count of Barcelona & Gerona (954-92). He married 1. (c.968) [TOUL322] Ledgarde d'Auvergne (daughter of Count Raimond III Pons, see TOULOUSE COUNTY); then 2. Heimerud (widow, daughter of Count Raymond of Auvergne). He died September 992.

[URGE301] Armengol I (son of Count Borrell II & Ledgarde) is described under URGELL COUNTY).

[BARC361] Ramon Borrell I (born 972, son of Borrell II & Ledgarde) married (c.990-91) [COMM362] Ermesinde (daughter of Count Roger, see COMMINGES). He was Count of Ausona, and Count of Barcelona & Gerona (992-1018), and died 25th February 1017-18. Afterwards, Ermesinde was for a while Regent for her under-age son Berenguer-Ramon. Ermesinde died 1st March 1058.

[BARC388] Godehilde (born c.999, "daughter of widowed Ermensende, Countess of Barcelona") married 1. (c.1018) [TONY401] Roger I (see TONY); then 2. [EVRE331] Count Richard (see EVREUX COUNTY).

[BARC389] Berenguer-Ramon I el cuevo [=the crooked] (born 1006, son of Ramon Borrel I) married 1. (betrothed 1016, consummated at Zaragoza 1021) [NUNO323] Sancha Sanchez (born 1005, daughter of Count Sancho I, see CASTILE COUNTY), died 26th June 1026; then 2. (1027) [LLUC382] Guisla (born c.1007, daughter of Senor Sunifredo II de Lluca & Vilanova, see LLUCA). He was Count of Aurona, and Count of Barcelona & Gerona (1018-35), and died 26th May 1035. Afterwards Guisla married 2. Vescomte Udalard II de Barcelona.

[BARC392] Sybille (born c.1035, daughter of Berenguer-Ramon & Guisla) married [BURG311] Henri (see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF CAPET) DUKEDOM).

[BARC391] Ramon-Berenguer I the elder (born 1024, son of Berenguer-Ramon & Sancha Sanchez) married 1. (at Barcelona, 14th November 1039) Isabelle (daughter of Vicomte Raymond-Bernard I de Nimes), repudiated, then died 29th June 1050; then 2. (c.1051) Blanca (daughter of Forcalquier), repudiated 1052; then 3. (1053) [MARC339] Almodis (daughter of Count Bernard, see LA MARCHE COUNTY), murdered by her step-son Pere Ramon (16th October 1071); then 4. Elisabeth. He was Count of Ausona, Carcassonne, and Count of Barcelona & Gerona (1035-76), and died in Barcelona (28th May 1076).

[BARC401] Ramon-Berenguer II tete d'etoupe [=towhead] (born 1054, son of Ramon-Berenguer & Almodis) married (1079) [APUL342] Matilda/Almeida (daughter of DUKE ROBERT GUISCARD, see APULIA (HOUSE OF HAUTEVILLE) DUKEDOM). He was styled Count of Carcassonne, and was Count of Barcelona (1076-82), and was murdered between Gerona and San Saloni (6th December 1082). Afterwards Matilda married 2. (1085) Vicomte Amaury (son of Vicomte Bernard de Narbonne).

[BARC411] Ramon-Berenguer III the jeune or the great (born 11th November 1082) married 1. (c.1103) Maria (daughter of Senor Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, better known as Al-Sayyid or El Cid or The Master, see BIVAR, died c.1106); then 2. (1106) Almodis de Melgueil (or Mortain), died 1110; then 3. (3rd February 1112) [PRO2352] Countess Dulcia (born c.1095, daughter of Count Gilbert, see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF MILHAUD) COUNTY). He was Count of Cerdana, and of Provence (1113), and Count of Barcelona (1096-1131), and Count of Besalu (1111, after his son-in-law Count Bernard III died without issue). Dulcia died c.1130. He became a Templar (July 1131) and died later that month (19th July).

[BARC432] Berenguela (born c.1116, daughter of Ramon-Berenguer III & Dulcia) married (at Saldana, November 1128) [CAS1361] King Alfonso VIII (see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF BURGUNDY) KINGDOMS).

[BARC431] Ramon-Berenguer IV le jeune d'Aragon (born 1113, elder son of Ramon-Berenguer III & Dulcia) married (at Barbastro, 11th August 1137, consummated 1151) [ARAG362] Queen Petronilla (daughter of King Garcia, see ARAGON (HOUSE OF NAVARRE) KINGDOM). He was March Count of Provence (1131-62), Count of Barcelona (1144-62), and Prince of Aragon. He died at San Dalmacio near Turin (6th August 1162). Petronilla abdicated (1164) in favour of her son, and died at Barcelona (17th October 1174).

[PROV371] Ramon-Berenguer V (born May 1152, son of Ramon-Berenguer IV) later became Alfonso II the chaste. He married 1. Mafalda (daughter of King Alfonso I of Portugal); then 2. (at Zaragoza, 18th January 1174-75) [CAS1373] Sancha de Castile (daughter of King Alfonso VIII, see LEON AND CASTILE KINGDOMS). He was Count of Barcelona (1162-96), and Count of Provence (1166-96). Barcelona and Aragon were united (1164), when he became King of Aragon (1164-96). He died at Perpignan (25th April 1195, also see ARAGON KINGDOM).