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[BARR431] Randulfus m. ?
. [BARR441] Sir Odinell Barrington m. [WIEM262] Isabella Wiemare
. . [BARR451] Sir Eustace Barrington m. [BDES452] Matilda de Montfort
. . . [BARR461] Sir Humfreye Barrington m. [MRCY462] Grisell de Marcy
. . . . [BARR471] Sir Humfreye Barrington m. [MAND382] Anne of Essex
. . . . . [BARR481] Sir Nicholas Barrington m2. [MFTE482] Maud Mortofte
. . . . . . [BARR491] Sir Nicholas Barrington m. [CHET492] Agnis Chetwynde
. . . . . . . [BARR501] Sir Nicholas Barrington m. [BELH502] Alice Belhouse
. . . . . . . . [BARR511] Nicholas Barrington m. [BAAR512] Emme Baarde
. . . . . . . . . [BARR521] Sir John Barrington m. [BLOM522] Margaret Blomvyle
. . . . . . . . . . [BARR531] John Barrington m. [BATT532] Alice Battel
. . . . . . . . . . . [BARR542] Alys Barrington m. [SULY541] John Sulyard

[BARR431] Sir Randulfus de Barrington/Barentone.

[BARR441] Sir Odinell married [WIEM262] Isabella (daughter of John Wiemare/Wicmarc, one of the same family as Suene the Sheriff of Essex at the time of the Conquest). Odinell was Baron of Wegon, and derived his surname from Barrington, a hamlet in Chigwell. He was deprived of his possessions after the Conquest, following Norman practice of ousting all Anglo-Saxon feudal lords.

[BARR451] Sir Eustace married [BDES452] Matilda (daughter of Peter de Montfort de Beaudesert). He was a forester of Hatfield. He supported the Normans after the Conquest, and therefore remained in favour with the new masters.

[BARR461] Sir Humfreye married [MRCY462] Grisell/Griselda (daughter & heiress of Sir Rayfe de Marcy).

[BARR471] Sir Humfreye, who was Sheriff of Essex and Herts (1197), married [MAND382] Anne (or Amice) (see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM).

[BARR481] Sir Nicholas, who became Chief Forester of Hatfield Forest, married 1. Mary (daughter of John Bovile) by whom he had no issue. Afterwards Humfreye married 2. [MFTE482] Maud [elsewhere given as Jean/Joan] (daughter of Sir Ralfe Mortofte or Montofte).

[BARR491] Sir Nicholas (eldest son of Nicholas, by his 2nd wife) married [CHET492] Agnis Chetwynde (see CHETWYNDE).

[BARR501] Sir Nicholas held fee at Chigwell, Essex (1274). He was Knight of the Shire (1309 and 1313), and married [BELH502] Alice (daughter & heiress of Sir Richard [or John] Belhouse). Nicholas died c.1325.

[BARR511] Nicholas married Emme (daughter & sole heiress of [BAAR512] Sir Robert Baarde/Bayard (see BAARDE). He died sometime after 1343.

[BARR521] Sir John, who was Knight of the Shire (1330), Forester and Woodward of Hatfeild Regis, married [BLOM522] Margaret (daughter & heiress of Sir John Blomvyle). He died sometime after 1368.

[BARR531] John (younger son of Sir John), an esquire of Essex, married [BATT532] Alice Battell (see BATTELL). He died c.1426.

[BARR542] Alys [elsewhere given as Elizabeth] married [SULY541] John (see SULYARD). Another version shows Alys married, instead, John Hungate, of York, (see HUNGATE).