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[BARR431] Sir Randulfus de Barrington/Barentone.

[BARR441] Sir Odinell married [WIEM262] Isabella (daughter of John Wicmarc, one of the same family as Suene the Sheriff of Essex at the time of the Conquest). Odinell was Baron of Wegon, and derived his surname from Barrington, a hamlet in Chigwell. He was deprived of his possessions after the Conquest, following Norman practice of ousting all Anglo-Saxon feudal lords.

[BARR451] Sir Eustace married [BDES452] Matilda (daughter of Peter de Montfort de Beaudesert). He was a forester of Hatfield. He supported the Normans after the Conquest, and therefore remained in favour with the new masters.

[BARR461] Sir Humfreye (born c.1110) married [MRCY462] Grisell/Griselda (born c.1115, daughter & heiress of Sir Rayfe de Marcy).

[BARR471] Sir Humfreye (born c.1145), who was Sheriff of Essex and Herts (1197), married [MAND382] Anne (or Amice) (see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM).

[BARR481] Sir Nicholas, who became Chief Forester of Hatfield Forest, married 1. Mary (daughter of John Bovile) by whom he had no issue. Afterwards Humfreye married 2. [MFTE482] Maud [elsewhere given as Jean/Joan] (daughter of Sir Ralfe Mortofte or Montofte).

[BARR491] Sir Nicholas (eldest son of Nicholas, by his 2nd wife) married [CHET492] Agnis Chetwynde (see CHETWYNDE).

[BARR501] Sir Nicholas held fee at Chigwell, Essex (1274). He was Knight of the Shire (1309 and 1313), and married [BELH502] Alice (daughter & heiress of Sir Richard [or John] Belhouse). Nicholas died c.1325.

[BARR511] Nicholas married Emme (daughter & sole heiress of [BAAR512] Sir Robert Baarde/Bayard (see BAARDE). He died sometime after 1343.

[BARR521] Sir John, who was Knight of the Shire (1330), Forester and Woodward of Hatfeild Regis, married [BLOM522] Margaret (daughter & heiress of Sir John Blomville, see BLOMVILLE). He died sometime after 1368.

[BARR531] John (younger son of Sir John), an esquire of Essex, married [BATT532] Alice Battell (see BATTELL). He died c.1426.

[BARR542] Alys [elsewhere given as Elizabeth] married [SULY541] John Sulyard (see SULYARD). Another version shows Alys married, instead, John Hungate, of York, (see HUNGATE).