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The family originated at Ouilly-le-Basset on the River Orne (15km west of Falais), afterwards Ouilly-Basset, and today part of Pont-d'Ouilly.

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[BAS1391] Basset of Ouilly Basset m. ?
. [BAS1401] Norman de Basset m. ?
. . [BAS1411] Osmond de Conteville m. ?
. . . [BAS1422] --- de Vernon m. [VERN331] Hugh de Vernon
. . . [BAS1421] Fouque d'Aulney m. ?
. . . . [BAS1431] Osmund Basset m. ?
. . . . . [BAS1441] Ralf Basset, Chief Justiciar m. ?
. . . . . . [BASS451] Richard Basset of Drayton, Chief Justice of England m. [RIDE382] Matilda Ridel
. . . . . . [WALL451] Thurstan Basset m. Eustachia
. . . . . . [BAS1451] Gilbert Basset, Justice of England m2. [OILL242] Edith d'Oilly
. . . . . . . [WYCO451] Lord Thomas Basset of Hedendon m. [DUNS432] Alice de Dunstanville
. . . . . . . [BAS1462] Joan Basset m. [MELL371] Count Aubrey II of Dammartin

The time-spans between successive generations of the early members of the family appear to be unreliable.

[BAS1391] Basset/Bathel of Ouilly Basset (born c.870).

[BAS1401] Norman de Basset (born c.915).

[BAS1411] Osmond de Centeville (born c.960), Vicomte de Vernon, married --- (niece of Gunora, later wife of Richard I, Count of Normandy).

[BAS1422] --- de Vernon (daughter of Osmond), married [VERN331] Hugh de Vernon (see VERNON).

[BAS1421] Fouque/Foulque/ Fulco d'Aulney (born at Ouilly-Basset, c.1005).

[BAS1431] Osmund Basset (born c.1042, son of Foulque d'Aulney).

[BAS1441] Ralph Basset (born c.1076, son of Osmund), held a fief at Montreuil-au-Houlme "apparently his birthplace", Chief Justiciar, died 1127, and was buried at Abendon [Abingdon], Berks.

[WALL451] Thurstan (born c.1100, son of Ralph), see WALLINGFORD (BASSET) BARONY) for full details.

[BASS451] Richard Basset (born c.1102, son of Ralph), Chief Justiciar, is described under DRAYTON (BASSET) BARONY.

[BAS1451] Gilbert Basset (born c.1095, son of Ralph), Justice of England, married 1. Cicely de Englefield; then 2. [OILL242] Edith (born c.1094, see OILLI).

[BAS1462] Joan Basset (c.1114, daughter of Gilbert) married [MELL371] Aubrey II (born c.1106, see DAMMARTIN COUNTY).

[WYCO451] Thomas (born c.1130, son of Gilbert), see WYCOMBE BARONY for full details.