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[BATT441] Sir Walter de Betuile.

[BATT451] Sir Humphrey de Betelle.

[BATT461] Thomas de Battell, married [ENFE482] Elizabeth (daughter of [ENFE471] Sir Richard de Enfield, see ENFEILD).

[BATT471] Sir Richard de Batell, of Bataylee Hall (Essex), married Alicia/Aliamore.

[BATT481] Robert de Batell married [HOWE482] Elizabeth (daughter of Edmond Howe).

[BATT491] Sir Edmund/Edward de Batell married [BASB492] Joane (daughter of John of Bassingbourne).

In 1301 John de Bassingbourn was a tax collector, responsible to the Sheriff of Essex. Sir John de Bassingbourne was High Sheriff of Hertfordshire (1303 and again 1305) and Sheriff of Essex (some time around 1305). The Cambridgeshire knight, John de Bassingbourn, later Sheriff of Essex, was imprisoned and his lands seized (1306) for allowing a prisoner to escape from his gaol. John also witnessed a grant (signed in Manuden, Essex, in 1308).

In 1315 a John de Bassingbourne and his wife Christine released lands in Walter Gascelyn (Wilts), in 1315. Then in 1317, a John de Bassingbourne and his wife Christine released lands in Britwell Salome (Oxon). In both cases John le Warrener is cited, so this is clearly the same "de Bassingbourne" family, though not necessarily the one of Essex.

[BATT501] Sir Geoffrey de Batell married [TORL502] Christiana (daughter of John Torrell of Torrell Hall).

[BATT511] Sir John de Batell, of Ongar, married [RCHD512] --- Rochford (a daughter of Thomas Rochford). John was noted as being an escheator in Essex (1371). In 1373 it was noted that John Bataill and his wife Alice were occupying nearby Moreton Manor, Essex, previously held by Alice's first husband, Richard Fifhide. John probably died 1371-77.

[BATT521] Sir Thomas de Batell, of Ongar Parke, married [ENFE522] Elizabeth (see ENFEILD). He held Mcchyng [perhaps Matching], Essex, (1373), and was noted as being "now escheator" in Essex (1377).

[BATT532] Alice de Batell (daughter & heir of Sir Thomas, and also heir of her grandfather Thomas Enfeild and his brother Richard Enfeild) married [BARR531] John (see BARRINGTON).