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The early history is unreliable and only approximate

[MAIN251] Landry I married (before 868) Hildesinde [or Hildegarde].

[MAIN261] Landric I de Baugency aka Lancelin de Maers aka Landric de Metz [born c.890], held land under Count Thibaut de Blois).

[MAIN271] Landri-Sore, Landericus-Sorus, (born c.910), Seigneur de Baugency, married 1. Ada; then 2. Emma.

[MAIN282] Adalgardis ([born c.930] daughter of Landry II & Emma [she names her mother in a charter dated 950]) married [TONN271] Milon II (see TONNERRE COUNTY).

[MAIN288] Elizabeth de Baugency le riche (born c.935, daughter of Landri-Sore) married 1. [CORE371] Aymon de Corbeil ([born c.935], see CORBEIL-1), died 957; then 2. (c.960) [VENX301] Bouchard IV the venerable, see VENDOME).

[NEVE301] Bodo I (born c.930], son of Landry II, mother's name not known), is dealt with under NEVERS COUNTY.

[MAIN281] Landry [born c.930].

[MAIN291] Landry [born c.965].

[MAIN301] Landry (born c.995), Seigneur de Beaugency.

[MAIN311] Lancelin I aka Landry I (born c.1021), Sire de Baugency in the Orleanais (1060), married Haberge/Alberge. He died c.1055.

[BAUG341] Lancelin II (son of Lancelin I), is described under BAUGENCY (2) below.

[MAIN321] John de Baugency (born c.1042, son of Lancelin I), Seigneur de la Fleche in Anjou, married either Paule (daughter of Count Herbert I, see MAINE COUNTY) or Herberge d'Este. He died 1097.

[MAIN331] Helias, Seigneur de la Fleche, married 1. (1090) [MAI1332] Matilda (only daughter de Gervase, see MAINE SEIGNEURS), died March 1099; then 2. (1109) Agnes (daughter of DUKE WILLIAM VIII OF AQUITAINE, but see Agnes, under AQUITAINE DUKEDOM). He was Count de Maine (1093-1110), and died (11th July 1110).

[MAIN342] Eremburge (daughter of Helias & Matilda), Countess du Maine (1110), married (11th July 1110) [GATI341] King Fulk de Jerusalem (see ANJOU (HOUSE de GATINAIS) COUNTY).


[BAUG341] Lancelin II (son of Lancelin I), Seigneur de Baugency, married Alberge (or Adelberge).

[BAUG352] Hildegarde (daughter of Lancelin II) married [GATI339] Count Fulk IV le rechin (see ANJOU (HOUSE de GATINAIS) COUNTY).

[BAUG351] Raoul I (son of Lancelin II), Sire de Baugency, married (c.1090) [CREP354] Maud (born 1080, daughter of Count Hugh le grand, see CREPI). Raoul died 1113.

[BAUG362] Agnes de Baugency (daughter of Raoul) married (1132) [COUC361] Sire Enguerrand II (see COUCY).