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John Bailiffe (died 11th May 1617) had two messuages and tenements in "Eskhame in Midlton" [Eskholme in Middleton], with an annual value 20s., and held of Charles Prince of Wales (through the Manor of Kendal) at a yearly rent of 5d. for all services. At the Inquisition Post Mortem held at Kirkbikendall [Kirkby Kendal] (27th March 1618) it was stated that Geoffrey Bailiffe (then age 10) was John's son and heir. It would seem likely that this Geoffrey had a younger brother John, as follows.

[BAYF601] John Bayliffe (possibly younger son of John) married Margaret. They possibly had at least eight children as follows:

There was a John Bayliffe married Margaret Burrow at Kirkby Lonsdale 10th October 1667. The only marriage of a John Baylife around 1635, was to "Helen relict of John Atkinson" at Kirkby Lonsdale, 14th May 1633. This was presumably another family because Ellen Bayly ux. [could be wife or widow of] John of Middleton was buried at Kirkby Lonsdale, 28th June 1670. But as John had a daughter Margaret (who married Robert Fawcett), and possibly named for her mother, it seems that this Margaret Burrow marriage is not relevant. "Margaret Bayleife relict of John" was buried at Kirkby Lonsdale, 26th October 1676, appear to refer to the other Bayliff family. The date of the Inventory and Bond is recorded as 2nd November 1676 in the Wills Index. The Inventory showed her estate valued at 22.19s.6d.

At the 1674 Hearth Tax, there were 5 householders at Sowesmyre in Middleton. Four of these were John Bayley, William Richardson, Edward Gurnell [Garnett], and Joseph Bayley. However, this Tax shows Marga. Bayley (who was by then a widow) was living at nearby Eskeholme [which provides a convenient link to the aforementioned Geoffrey Bailiffe].

Margaret Baylie (widow of "Sowermire") made her will (5th November 1675), wherein she refers to:

her married daughters Margaret Fawcett (wife of Robert), Jane Garnett (wife of Edward) and Agnes Richardson (wife of William), all of Middleton;
her [widowed] son-in-law John Croser;
and her married daughters-in-law Hannah Baylie (wife of John) and Agnes Baylie (wife of Joseph).

Her executors were her son Joseph Baylie and his three sisters (Margaret, Jane and Agnes). The Wills Index shows Margaret as of Esk-holme.

Margaret of Sowesmire was buried at Middleton (12th January 1678). The Probate date was 23rd January 1678.

The Wills Index also shows an Admin. Bond (dated May 1678) for Johannis Baylay de Middleton, who, for the moment, is  unexplained.

[BAYF612] Jane Bayliff (daughter of John & Margaret) married (at Kirkby Lonsdale, 23rd June 1658) [GRNT611] Edward Garnett (born 1636, see GARNETT).