Revised 30/11/2019


The following account of BELLEME and DOMFRONT is a compromise taken from the various published accounts, which seldom agree on facts. It may be safely assumed it contains errors.


The dating of the first six persons described present unresolved difficulties, especially
Hildeburge who would appear to be a generation younger than her brother William
which would be alright if their father had been married twic and they were simply half-siblings.

[TALV251] Fulcuin, Comte de Creil, married Rothais de Corbonais.

[TALV261] Yves I, Seigneur de Creil, married Geile. He died 977.

[TALV271] Fulk, Seigneur de Creil, married Rolias

[TALV281] Ives II, Seigneur de Creil & Belleme, Count of Alencon & Domfront, married Godehaut/Godchilde de Ponthieu, and died c.993.

[TALY291] Yves de Belleme (son of Yves II de Creil).

[TALY301] Renard de Chateau-Gontier (son of Yves de Belleme) married 1. Elizabeth; then 2. Beatrix du Perche.

[TALY312] Gervaise de Chateau-Gontier (daughter of Renard & Beatrix) married [MAYE349] Count Geoffroy II (see MAYENNE).

[TALV292] Hildeburge (daughter of Ives II de Creil) married (c.1006) [MAI1301] Seigneur Haimon d'Argentre (born c.975, see MAINE SEIGNEURS).

[TALV293] Godehildis (daughter of Ives II) married 1. Albert I de la Ferté-en-Beauce; then 2. [BEAU341] Vicomte Raoul du Maine (see BEAUMONT-AU-MAINE).

[TALV294] Arabelle (daughter of Ives II) married [LAME381] Lord Walter de la Mare of Saint-Opportune-la-Mare, see DE LA MARE NORMANDY).

[TALV291] William (born c.940, son of Ives II), Sire d'Alencon, Seigneur de Saonnois, married (c.960) Dame Mathilde de Conde-sur-Noireau in Calvados. He died after 1027.

[DAMF321] Warin de Domfront (son of William), Count of Alencon (-1026). He was murdered (strangled) 1026.

[DAMF332] Adelise d'Alencon (born 1005, daughter of Warin) married [c.1025] [PERC331] Count Rotrou I of Mortagne (see CHATEAUDUN).

as an aside, some sources exclude the following intermediate generation:

[TALV301] William Talvas de Belleme (born c.964, son of William), Count of Belleme & Alencon, married (c.985) Matilda de Ganelon (born c.964, possibly son of Arnulf). He died 997.

[TALV312] William II Talvas (born at Belleme, c.995, son of William), Vicomte du Hiesmos, Seigneur de Belleme & Alencon, Count of Alencon (1026-30, succeeding Warin), a cruel and barbarous man, married 1. (c.1020) [BEAU372] Haberga de Beaumont (born c.995, widow of Sire Tesseli de Montrevrault; and daughter of Seigneur Raoul I, see BEAUMONT-AU-MAINE), strangled on her way to church; then 2. Hadeburg de Beaumont (widow of Seigneur Tescelin de Montevrault, and eldest daughter of Vicomte Raoul I du Maine). William died c.1048.

[TALV322] Mabel (born at Alencon, c.1026, daughter of William & Hildeburge), Comtesse d’Alencon & Belleme, married (c.1052-54) [TMON331] Earl Roger (see SHREWSBURY (MONTGOMERY) EARLDOM).