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from Beaumais [=beautiful house]-sur-Dive, Calvados

[BELM351] possibly Robert de Belmeis, may have remained in Calvados.

Richard de Belmeis (son of Robert), together with his two brothers, William and Walter, came to England at the Conquest. He was largely employed by Roger de Montgomery, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, and became Sheriff of Shropshire. He was made Viceroy of Shropshire and Warden of the Marches (1102), and at the same time granted the Manor of Tong (Salop) presumably as a personal favour by King Henry I. He was also Justiciar to the King. He became Bishop of London, and died November 1127. The Lordship of Tong then passed to his nephew, Philip.

[BELM361] Walter de Belmeis (younger son of Robert).

[BELM371] Philip de Belmeis), Lord of Ashby (Leics), succeeded his uncle (Richard, Bishop of London, 1108-27) to the Tong (Salop) estate. He married (c.1138) [MESC379] Maud, daughter of William, see MESCHIN). He died c.1150, and was succeeded in turn by his sons Philip and Ranulph, then finally (1167) by his daughter Alice. After Philip died, Maud married 2. (c.1151) [MORT431] Hugh de Mortimer (see WIGMORE (MORTIMER) BARONY), and died c.1189.

[BELM382] Alice de Belmeis (born c.1138, daughter & eventually heiress of father and her two brothers) married [ZOUC391] Alan la Zouche (see HARYNGWORTH (ZOUCHE) BARONY), taking with her the Lordships of Tong (Salop) and Ashby (Leics).