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[ALBI441] Main de Saint-Aubin-d'Aubigne (Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne), Seigneur, married (c.1086) [HERE422] Adelaide (daughter of Richard de Meri, see HEREFORD (BOHUN) EARLDOM).

[ALBI451] William I de Albini Brito [=the Breton] (born c.1090, younger son) married [SLIZ379] Maud de St. Liz (daughter of Simon de St. Liz, see HUNTINGDON (ST. LIZ) EARLDOM). Maud previously married 1. (1112) [NORQ431] Robert FitzRichard, Lord of Little Dunmow (see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP). William fought at the Battle of Tinchebrai, Normandy, (28th September 1106), and died c.1155. Afterwards Maud married  3. [QUEN361] Saher de Quency (see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM).

[ALBI463] Matilda/Maud de Albini (daughter of William) married Gilbert, 3rd Earl of Strathearn (see STRATHEARN EARLDOM).

[ALBI462] Ralph de Albini the elder (younger son of William I) married [XXXX461] Sybilla de Valoignes (of unknown parentage).

[ALBI472] Gunnora (daughter of Ralph) married 1. Robert de Gant (died 1191); then 2. [DEST451] Nicholas I de Stuteville (see STUTEVILLE).

[ALBI473] Amice (daughter of Ralph) married [STRG451] John le Strange (see STRANGE)..

[ALBI461] William II de Albini Brito (elder son of William I), also known as meschines, feudal Lord of Belvoir, married (1138) [NORQ442] Matilda ([born c.1115], daughter of Robert FitzRichard, see FIRST HOUSE OF EU), died c.1168.

[ALBI471] William III de Albini (son of William & Adeliza), feudal Lord of Belvoir, was still a minor when his father died and was a ward of King Henry II. He married 1. [UMFR472] Margaret (daughter of Odenel, see PRUDHOE (D'UMFREVILLE) FEUDAL BARONY); then 2. (September 1198) [TRUS462] Agatha (widow, daughter of William, see TRUSSEBUT). William was Sheriff of Bucks & Beds (1198). William died 1236, and Agatha died 1247.

[ALBI482] Alice d'Alibini daughter of William & Margaret) married [GANT371] Gilbert de Gaunt (see GANT).

[ALBI481] William IV de Albini (son of William & Margaret), feudal Lord of Belvoir, married 1. [BISE482] Albrena or Albreda (daughter of Henry, see BISET); then 2. Isabel. He died before1248.

[ALBI492] Isabel (daughter & sole heir of William IV & Albrena) married [ROOS491] Sir Robert (see HELMSLEY (ROS) BARONY).