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[BENE231] Pando.

[BENE241] Landolf I, installed as Count of Capua (815), married --- (unnamed daughter of Rofrit di Benevento). He died 842.

[BENE251] Landenulf of Capua.

[BENE261] Atenulf I, Count of Capua, married [GAET262] Sikelgaita di Lombardy (see GAETA). He later deposed Prince Radelchis of Benevento and the seized the principality, after which it was united with Capua. Prince of Benevento (900-10). Sikelgaita died 10th April 910, and Atenulf died 912.

[BENE271] Landolf I, Count of Capua, jointly ruling with his father (Atenulf I), and was also installed as co-Prince of Benevento (901-10). After his father's death he became Prince Landolf III of Capua (910-43), ruling jointly (from 911) with his brother Atenulf II. He married (897-98) [NAPO272] Gemma (see NAPLES DUKEDOM). He died April 943.

[BENE281] Landolf II the red, jointly ruled Capua with his brother (Atenulf II) and their father, as co-Prince of Benevento (940-43), and became Prince Landolf IV of Capua (943-61). He married Wanzia (Wangia), and died May 961.

[BENE292] Sikelgaita (daughter of Landolf) married [SALE301] Prince John III (see SALERNO PRINCEDOM).

[BENE291] Pandolf I ironhead (son of Landolf), installed as co-Prince of Benevento (943), and succeeded his father as Prince Pandolf I of Capua (961-81). He married Aloara (Alcardi), and died March 981. Aloara died 992.

CAPU301] Atenolf (son of Pandolf I) was killed fighting in Calabria.

CAPU311] Pandolf VI (son of Atenolf), Prince Pandolf VI of Capua (1023), jointly ruled with his son John and Prince Pandolf V, but was later exiled together with his son John. He died 1026.

[CAPU322] Gemma di Capua (daughter of Pandolf) married [SALE321] Prince Guaimar IV (see SALERNO PRINCEDOM).

[BENE301] Landolf V (son of Pandolf I), succeeded his father as both Prince of Benevento and Prince Landolf V of Capua (961-68). He died 968.

[BENE311] Pandolf III succeeded his father as Prince of Benevento (968), and eventually succeeded his second-cousin Prince Pandolf II (died August 1014) as Prince Pandolf III of Capua. He died August 1014.

[BENE322] Gaitelgrima di Benevento (daughter of Pandolfo II) married [SALE311] Prince Guaimar III (see SALERNO PRINCEDOM).