12 Quaker Green

20 August 2015

Dear Gill

Thank you for your letter informing me of the death of your Uncle Bernard.  We corresponded about old railway matters in the 1960s, when he then lived at Piers Cottage in Amersham. During the early 1980s I occasionally visited 222 Marylebone Road where he worked, and from memory this was in the same department where my superiors worked though I was by then located at their York office. I last saw him either towards the end of 1987 or the early part of 1988, which is a long time ago. We may not even have corresponded since my retirement from the railway in May 1988, so I simply lost touch my him. Sad, but that is life. You always realise too late that you could have kept in contact.

Take care of yourself, best wishes



Maurice Boddy