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[BISE451] William Biset m. Hawise
. [BISE461] Manasser Biset m. [CANY462] Alice de Cany
. . [BISE471] Henry Biset m. [EUST403] Aubrey of Halton
. . . [BISE482] Albreda Biset m. [ALBI481] Lord William IV of Belvoir
. . . [BISE481] John Bisset m. Alice
. . . . [BISE492] Isabel Bisset m2. [AUBE471] William d'Auberville
. . . . [BISE483] Margaret Biset m. [ZOUC401] Roger la Zouche

[BISE451] William Biset, married Hawise.

[BISE461] Manasser/Mancel, household steward to King Henry II, was a landowner in five counties in 1158-59, in particular in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire (at Kidderminster). He married [CANY462] Alice de Cany (sister & heiress of Gilbert de Cliff [else Gilbert de Falaise], Seigneur de Cany, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy). She brought with her Maiden Bradley Manor (Wiltshire), which at the Domesday Survey had been held by Walter Giffard). Manasser died 1177.

[BISE471] Henry (born c.1156, came of age 1187) married 1. [EUST403] Aubrey (daughter of Richard FitzEustace, see FITZEUSTACE); then 2. Iseult Pantolf (widow of Walter de Tatteshall, and daughter of Roger Pantolf). He died c.1208-13, and afterwards Iseult married 2. Amaury de St. Amand, of Bloxham (Oxon).

[BISE482] Albreda (daughter of Henry & Aubrey) married [ALBI481] Lord William IV (see BELVOIR (ALBINI) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

]BISE483] Margaret (daughter of Henry & Aubrey) married [ZOUC401] Roger la Zouche (see HARYNGWORTH (ZOUCHE) BARONY),

[BISE481] John (born 1185) married [HEDD472] Alice Basset (daughter of [HEDD461] Thomas Basset, see HEDDINGTON). He died 1241.

[BISE492] Isabel (daughter of John & Alice) married 1. Sir Hugh du Plessis; then 2. [AUBE471] William d'Auberville (see AUBERVILLE).