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[BOHE171] Cracus, died 709.

[BOHE181] Premysl (born 676) married Libuse. He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA. Libuse died 734, and Premysl died 745.

[BOHE191] Nezamysl (born 696) married Hruba. He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA, and died 783.

[BOHE201] Mnata (born 716) married Strezislava. He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA, and died 804.

[BOHE211] Vojen (born 736) married Blanka. He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA, and died 831.

[BOHE221] Unislav (born 758) was DUKE OF BOHEMIA.

[BOHE231] Kresomysi (born 780) married Libuse. He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA, and died 833.

[BOHE241] Neklan (born 800) married Ponislava. He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA, and died 873.

[BOHE251] Hostivit (born 820) married Miloslava (daughter of Slavibor [Prince]  of Psova [Sorbs]). He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA, and died 890.

[BOHE261] Borzhivoi I (born 842) married (874-75) Lidmila (daughter of Slavibor of Psova). He was a vassal of Svatopluk & Moravia, and was DUKE OF BOHEMIA (870-95). Borzhivoi, who was converted to Christianity, died 895. Ludmila was strangled by her daughter-in-law Drahomira (16th September 927) and afterwards made a Saint.

[BOHE271] Vratislav I (born 888) of Bohemia married (c.906) Drahomira of Stodor. He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA (915-921, succeeding his elder brother Spytihnev who was DUKE 895-915). Vratislav was killed in battle (13th February 921). His widow was REGENT OF BOHEMIA (921-24) for her under-age son Wenceslas, and murdered Christians including her mother-in-law Ludmilla (921).

[BOHE281] Boleslaw I the cruel (born 900) married Bozena. He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA (935-72, succeeding his elder brother “Good King Wenceslas” who was DUKE 924-35 until murdered by Boleslaw I). Boleslaw married Biagota, and died c.972-76.

[BOHE292] Dabrowka (daughter of Boleslaw) married (in Poland, 965) [POLA291] DUKE MIESZKO BURISLAF I (see POLAND DUKEDOM).

[BOHE291] Boleslaw II the pious (son of Boleslaw I) married 1. Adiva (daughter of King Edward the elder of England); then 2. Emma of Melnik. He was DUKE OF BOHEMIA (972-99), and died 7th February 999. Emma died 1006.

[BOHE301] Ulrich (son of Boleslaw & Emma) married --- (unnamed), and had a mistress Bozena (a peasant woman). He  deposed his brother Jaromir to become DUKE OF BOHEMIA (1012-33, then deposed by Jaromir). Soon afterwards Jaromir was captured by Ulrich, blinded and deposed. Ulrich was again briefly DUKE OF BOHEMIA (1034), but was killed 9th November 1034. Bozena died 1052.

[BOHE311] Bretislav I the warrior (born c.1005-12, illegitimate son of Ulrich & Bozena) married (at Olmutz, 1030) [SCHW403] Judith (daughter of March Count Heinrich of Bavaria Nordmark [Schweinfurt], see SCHWEINFURT). He was DUKE OF MORAVIA (1025-30), then DUKE OF BOHEMIA (1034-55). He died at Chudrim (10th January 1055), and Judith afterwards married 2. (April 1055) Peter, ex-King of Hungary. She died 2nd August 1058 and Peter died c.1060.

[BOHE321]  Vratislav II (born 1031) married 1. Maria or Arbara; then 2. (1057) [HUNG323] Adelheid (daughter of King Andreas I, see HUNGARY), died 27th January 1062; then 3. (1062-63) Svatava (daughter of DUKE KASIMIR I, see POLAND DUKEDOM). He was DUKE OF OLMUTZ (1054-69), then DUKE OF BOHEMIA (1061-92), and styled King of Bohemia (15th June 1085, as a personal non-hereditary title from the German King). He died 14th January 1092, and Svatava died 1st September 1126.

[BOHE332] Judith (daughter of Vratislav II & Adelheid) married (c.1080) [POLA331] DUKE WLADYSLAW I (Hermann), see POLAND DUKEDOM.