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[BOLE341] Geoffrey de Bolebec m. ?
. [BOLE351] Osbern de Bolebec, Lord of Longueville m. [HERB313] Avelina de Crepon
. . [ARCS311] Gozelin d'Arques of Longueville m. ?
. . [BOLE361] Osbern II de Bolebec of Longueville m. [NORM315] Avelina FitzRichard de Crepon
. . . [BUCK341] Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville m. [FLAI342] Ermengarde/Agnes de Flaitel
. . . [GIFF341] Lord Osbert Giffard of Brimpsfield m. Lady Weva of Crepon
. . . [BOLE371] Geoffrey de Bolebec of Longueville m. [ARCS322] Beatrice d'Arques
. . . . [BOLE382] Beatrice de Bolebec m. [ARCS331] William d'Arques
. . . . [BOLE381] Hugh de Bolebec m. ?
. . . . . [BOLE391] Hugh I de Bolebec m. ?
. . . . . . [BOLE401] Walter I de Bolebec m. Helewise
. . . . . . . [BOLE411] Hugh II de Bolebec m. ?
. . . . . . . . ;BOLE421] Walter de Bolebec m ?
. . . . . . . . [BOLE422] Isabel de Bolebec m2. [OXFO392] Earl Robert of Oxford

[BOLE341] Geoffrey de Bolebec.

[BOLE351] Osbern/Osbert I de Bolebec (born c.940), Lord of Longueville, married [HERB318] Avelina de Crepon (daughter of [HERB301] Herbastus, see HERBASTUS OF CREPON). He died 963 and afterwards Avelina married 2. [BERD329] Seigneur Thorold de Pont-Audemer, see HARCOURT-1).

[ARCS311] Gozelin d'Arques (born at Longueville, c.985, son of Osbern I) is described under ARCHES.

[BOLE361] Osbern II de Bolebec (born at Longueville, c.970-80, son of Osbern I)) married (1001) [NORM315] Avelina FitzRichard de Crepon (born c.974, presumably [illegitimate or otherwise] daughter of DUKE RICHARD I OF NORMANDY, by [HERB316] Gunora de Crepon, thus explaining both "FitzRichard" and "de Crepon", see NORMANDY DUKEDOM).

[BUCK341] Gauthier (Walter) Giffard (born c.1010, son of Osbern II de Bolebec) is described under GIFFARD.

[GIFF341] Osbern Giffard (born at Longueville, c.1020, son of Osbern II) is described under BRIMPSFIELD BARONY.

[BOLE371] Geoffrey de Bolebec (born at Longueville, c.1015, son of Osbern II de Bolebec) married [ARCS322] Beatrice (born c.1015, daughter of Gozelin d'Arques, see ARCHES).

[BOLE382] Beatrice (born c.1035, daughter of Geoffrey) is said to have  married Vicomte William (see ARCHES).

[BOLE381] Hugh de Bolebec (born c. 1036, son of Geoffrey).

[BOLE391] Hugh I (born c.1060) was tenant-in-chief in the Domesday Survey, with land in Bucks, Hunts and Oxon. He also held Whitchurch (Bucks) as sub-tenant to Walter Giffard, and built a castle there known as Bolebec Castle.

[BOLE401] Walter I (born c.1090), presumably Lord of Whitchurch, married Helewise. He died c.1142.

[BOLE411] Hugh II (born c.1120), Lord of Whitchurch. He died 1165.

[BOLE422] Isabel (born c.1164, eldest daughter & coheiress of Hugh) married 1. Henry de Nonant, Lord of Totnes, died 1206; then 2. (1207) [OXFO392] Earl Robert (see OXFORD (VERE) EARLDOM).

[BOLE421] Water de Bolebec (born c.1140). He died 1190.