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[BOTX401] Guillaume d'Aubigny, born c.1010), Seigneur de Saint-Martin-d'Aubigny, married Adeliza FitzOsulf du Plessis.

[BOTX411] Roger "pincerna" d'Aubigny (born 1048), married Amicia Adeliza de Mowbray.

[BOTX421] Richard "pincerna" Boteler, 2nd Baron Warrington. He died aft. 1118

[BOTX431] Robert "pincerna" le Boteler (born bef, 1086), 3rd Baron Warrington, married Ivetta Helgot (daughter of William of Helgot). He died 1158.

[BOTX441] Sir Richard de Boteler (born c.1130), 4th Lord of Warrington, married Beatrix de Villiers (daughter of Matthew de Villiers & Agatha Angevin), Richard died 1176.

[BOTX451] William Pincerna le Boteler born c.1160), 5th Lord of Warrington, married Ada of Workington. He died 1233.

[BOTX461] Sir Almeri le Boteler (born c.1216), 6th Baron Warrington, married Alicia Garnet (daughter of William). He died bef. 14th September 1235

[BOTX471] Sir William le Boteler (born 1231), 7th Baron of Warrington, married Dionysia Bostock. He died c.1304 at Caerlaverock Castle.

[BOTX481] Sir Henry Boteler (born 1254), Lord of Warrington, married Isabella (daughter of Richard Boteler of Marton). Henry died 1297, so predeceased his father)

[BOX491] Sir William Boteler (born c.1275), 8th Baron of Warrington, married Sibillia. He died c. May 1330.

[BOTX501] Sir William Boteler (born 1309), 9th Baron of Warrington, married Elizabeth de Havering (born at Havering-atte-Bower, Essex, daughter of Nicholas & Margaret). He died 17th March 1378.

[BOTX511]  Sir John Boteler (born c.1328, at  Bewsey Hall, Warrington), 10th Baron of Bewsey Hall, Baron of Warrington, Constable of Liverpool Castle,  Warden of the parks at Toxteth, Croteth & Simonwood, Warden of the forest of West Derby, married (1364) Alice de Plumpton (daughter of Sir William & Christiana). John died 1399. Alice died 21st March 1399.

[BOTX522] Lady Elizabeth Boteler (born 1377, daughter of Sir John) married [DUTT521] Peter Dutton (born 1366), see DUTTON.