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[BOTX401] Guillaume d'Aubigny, born c.1010), Seigneur de Saint-Martin-d'Aubigny, married Adeliza FitzOsulf du Plessis.

[BOTX411] Roger "pincerna" d'Aubigny (born 1048), married Amicia Adeliza de Mowbray.

[BOTX421] Richard "pincerna" Boteler, 2nd Baron Warrington. He died aft. 1118

[BOTX431] Robert "pincerna" le Boteler (born bef, 1086), 3rd Baron Warrington, married Ivetta Helgot (daughter of William of Helgot). He died 1158.

[BOTX441] Sir Richard de Boteler (born c.1130), 4th Lord of Warrington, married Beatrix de Villiers (daughter of Matthew de Villiers & Agatha Angevin), Richard died 1176.

[BOTX451] William Pincerna le Boteler born c.1160), 5th Lord of Warrington, married Ada of Workington. He died 1233.

[BOTX461] Sir Almeri le Boteler (born c.1216), 6th Baron Warrington, married Alicia Garnet (born 1200, daughter of William). He died bef. 14th September 1235. Afterwards Alicia married Walter de Stanton. Alicia died c.1246.

[BOTX471] Sir William le Boteler (born 1231), 7th Baron of Warrington, married Dionysia Bostock. He died c.1304 at Caerlaverock Castle.

[BOTX481] Sir Henry Boteler (born 1254), Lord of Warrington, married Isabella Boteler (daughter of Richard Boteler of Marton). Henry died 1297, so predeceased his father)

[BOTX491] Sir William Boteler (born c.1275), 8th Baron of Warrington, married Sibillia. He died c. May 1330.

[BOTX501] Sir William Boteler (born 1309), 9th Baron of Warrington, married Elizabeth de Havering (born at Havering-atte-Bower, Essex, daughter of Nicholas & Margaret). He died 17th March 1378.

[BOTX511]  Sir John Boteler (born c.1328, at  Bewsey Hall, Warrington), 10th Baron of Bewsey Hall, Baron of Warrington, Constable of Liverpool Castle,  Warden of the parks at Toxteth, Croteth & Simonwood, Warden of the forest of West Derby, married (1364) Alice de Plumpton (daughter of Sir William & Christiana). John died 1399. Alice died 21st March 1399.

[BOTX522] Lady Elizabeth Boteler (born 1377, daughter of Sir John) married [DUTT521] Peter Dutton (born 1366), see DUTTON)