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[BOUH281] Henry de Bourges m. [CARO279] Rothilde de France
. [BOUH292] Richildis du Maine m. [BLOI292] Count Thibaut of Blois

[BOUH281] Henry de Bourges (born 862) married [CARO279] Rothilde de France (born 871, daughter of [CARO269] King Charles II chauve of France & Richilde, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE).

[BOUH292] Richildis du Maine (daughter of Henry) married [BLOI299] Count Thibaut of Blois (see HOUSE OF BLOIS).
[DILL271] Count Hucbald I of Dillingen m. [LOM2294] Heilwig di Friuli
. [BOUR291] Count Raoul of Bourges m. [CAMB293] Aleidis de Cambrai
. . [BOUR301] Vicomte Geoffroi Papabos de Bourges m. ?
. . . [BOUR311] Vicomte Geoffroi II Bosberas de Bourges m. ?
. . . . [BOUR321] Vicomte Geoffroi III de Bourges m. [CHTR322] Eldeburge de Chateau-Raoul
. . . . . [BOUR331] Vicomte Geoffroi IV de Bourges m. ?
. . . . . . [BOUR342] Vicomtesse Eldeburge de Bourges m. [SULL341] Sire Gilon I de Sully

[BOUR291] Raoul de Valois (born c.885, son of [DILL271] Count Hucbald I, see DILLINGEN COUNTY), Count of Bourges, married [CAMB293] Aleidis/Hildegarde  (daughter of Raoul, see CAMBRAI COUNTY).

[BOUR301] Geoffroi I papabas (born c.920, was 1st Vicomte de Bourges.

[BOUR311] Geoffroi II bosberas (born c.950), was 2nd Vicomte de Bourges.

[BOUR321] Geoffroi III le noble (born c.980), 3rd Vicomte de Bourges, married [CHTR322] Eldeburge (daughter of [CHTR311] Raoul II, le chauve and the grand, Sire de Chateau-Raoul, by his wife Ade).

[BOUR331] Geoffroi IV le meschin (born c.1015), was 4th Vicomte de Bourges.

[BOUR342] Eldeburge (born c.1050, daughter of Geoffroi IV), Vicomtesse de Bourges, married [SULL341] Lord Gilon (see SULLY).


Latin name was BITURICEN

The suggested connection with the Malet family is due to William Malet having
married Esilia, and Hervey having a daughter named Isilia

[BOUG441] Hervey de Bourges m. [MALE324] Judith
. [BOUG452] Isilia de Bourges m. [PECC451] William Pecche

[BOUG441] Hervey de Bourges (born c.1046, son of [BOUR331] Geoffroi I, was a tenant-in-chief at the Domesday Survey (for example, in Suffolk). He married [MALE324] Judith/Jenita Malet (born c.1050, daughter of William Malet & Esilia, see MALET).

[BOUG452] Isilia de Bourges (daughter & heiress of Hervey) married (1097) [PECC451] William Pecche (born 1058, see PECCHE).