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There had been earlier de Boville's, Lords of the Manor of Letheringham under the Glanville's, in the 12th century, but it has not been possible to bridge the gap down to 1253. At least three versions exist for the Boville family from this date. The following version is the most likely.

[BOVI431] Sahala de Boville/Beauzville

[BOVI441] William de Boville (born c.1175, at Boville, son of Sahala de Boville) married Isabel.

[BOVI451] Sir William de Boville (born c.1200, at Letheringham, son of William de Boville & Isabel) married [GLAN472] Basillia Glanville (born 1205, daughter of [GLAN461] Geoffrey de Glanville & [HAYE452] Margaret de la Haye)

[BOVI461] Sir William de Boville (born c.1247, at Letheringham) married his first-cousin [GLAN462] Isabella de Glanville (sister & coheiress of [GLAN461] Geoffrey de Glanville, see GLANVILLE). William became feudal Lord of Letheringham (1253) by right of his wife. William died 1295.

[BOVI471] William de Boville (born c.1275) married [CARB472] Isabel Carbonell, and became feudal Lord of Letheringham. They had two sons:

[BOVI481] William de Boville (born c.1300, son of William) married Joan de Creke (daughter of James), and had two children:

William de Boville, who predeceased his father, and

[BOVI492] Nichola de Boville, who married Simon FitzRichard, and who in turn had a son: Richard FitzSimon, see later;

[BOVI482] John de Boville (born c.1302, son of William), see later.

When [BOVI471] William died, he was succeeded by his younger brother John (born c.1276), because his own two sons William (born c.1300) and [BOVI482] John (born c.1302) were under age.


William & Isabel's under-age son [BOVI491] William de Boville (who had married Joan de Creke) eventually became feudal Lord of Letheringham, succeeding his uncle [BOVI484] John de Boville. William de Boville also held Peasenhall Manor, Suffolk, and was also Lord of Geyton, Norfolk; Lord of Bedminster, Somerset; Lord of Dennington, Badingham, Wilby, Bedingfield, Southolt and Westleton, Suffolk. William de Boville afterwards settled Dennington Manor on Richard de Wingfield (1314). Sir William de Boville died April 1320, and was succeeded by his son-in-law Simon FitzRichard, who had married his eldest daughter Nichola, because William's de Boville's son William had predeceased him.

Simon FitzRichard was in turn succeeded by his son Richard FitzSimon (1348) who left no issue. The title then passed to [BOVI502] Margaret, daughter & heir of [BOVI482] Sir John de Boville (see below).

[BOVI482] Sir John de Boville (born c.1302, younger son of William & Isabel formerly Carbonell, see earlier) married (c.1321) [SCAL492] Petronilla de Scales (born c.1304, daughter & heir of Sir Robert de Scales, see SCALES). His heir, Margaret, was also heir to the title following the death of Richard FitzSimon (1348). Margaret was a minor and the title was therefore held in trust for her by Sir John de Ufford until his death (1363), by which time Margaret was by then married to her 2nd husband Sir Thomas Wingfield.

[BOVI492] Margaret de Boville (born c.1322, at Leighs, Essex, daughter & heiress of John) was age 9 when she inherited, and being a minor, the king granted the wardship of Badingham Manor to Richard de Wingfield. Margaret married 1. (at Wadingfield Parva, 1342) Sir John Carbonell; then 2. [WING512] Sir Thomas Wingfield (see WINGFIELD).