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aka BOIS and BOSCO

[WATE361] Robert de Boys, de Waterville, (born c.1103), married Mary Jane de Waterville (born c.1102). See also under WATERVILLE.

[BOYS441] Ernauld de Bois I (born c.1129, son of [WATE361] Robert), married [CHAM442] Emma Chamberlayne (see CHAMBERLAIN). Ernald [Arnold] was Steward to the Earl of Leicester and eventually acquired Thorpe, which eventually became Thorpe Arnold..

[BOYS451] Ernauld de Boys II, (born c.1159), married [HEDE382] Emma de Houghton (daughter of Payne de Houghton "le Chamberlayne", see HEDENTON).

[BOYS462] John de Boys (son of Emald II  & Emma).

[BOYS472] Emma (daughter of John) married 1. John de Grimsted; then 2. [HAVE381] Nicholas de Haversham I, see HAVERSHAM).

[BOYS461] Ernald de Bois III (born c.1190), married [BEAX392] Joan de Beauchamp (daughter of [BEAX381] Andrew de Beauchamp, see BEAUCHAMP-2).

[BOYS471] Ernald/Arnold de Boys (born c.1221, son of Ernald  de Bois III) married 1. Amicia; then 2. Margery.

[BOYS482] Isabel de Boys married [LOVL411] Sir John Lovel II, 1st Baron Lovel of Titchmarsh (see LOVEL)

[BOYS481] John Boys (born c.1245, son of Ernald/Arnold de Boys IV & Amicia) married Amice de Hastings (daughter of --- Hastings).

[BOYS491] Robert Boys (born c.1266, son of John) married [LATM402] Christian Latimer (born 1268, daughter of [LATM391] William Latimer, see LATIMER BARONY).

[BOYS501] Sir Robert Boys (born 1288, son of Robert) married Joane Wychingham (born c.1290). Joane died c.1314 and Robert died 1334.

[BOYS512] Alice de Boys (born 1314 daughter of Sir Robert Boys) married [HOWA511] Sir John Howard II (born c.1310, of Wiggenhall, Admiral, Captain of the Northern Fleet, see HOWARD).