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Bretagne (or Armorica) was a kingdom having close Celtic ties with Cornwall before being assimilated into the Carolingian empire, following their defeat by the armies of King Louis the pious (818)

The early Kings were pure invention by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Dr. Peter C. Bartrum specifically notes the ones marked below with ** as being fictitious. It is therefore unclear at which point onwards credence can be given to subsequent Kings.


[BRET121] King Gradlon of Vannetais m. Tigridia of Ireland
. [BRET131] High King Salomon of Cornouaille m. --- of Rome
. . [BRET141] King Aldrien of Bretagne m. --- of Ireland
. . . [BRET151] King Erich of Bretagne m. ?
. . . . [BRET161] Emperor Budic II of Bretagne m. Elaine of Cornwall
. . . . . [BRET171] King Hoel of Bretagne & Dumnonia m. Alma Pompea of Dumnonia
. . . . . . [BRET181] Hoel II of Bretagne m. ?
. . . . . . . [BRET191] King Alain I of Bretagne m. Azenor
. . . . . . . . [BRET202] --- ferch Alan King of Little Breton m. [CYNA221] King Cadwaladr Fendigiad ap Cadwallon of Gwynedd
. . . . . . . . [BRET201] King Hoel III of Bretagne m. Fratelle
. . . . . . . . . [BRET211] King Judicael of Bretagne & Dumnonia m. ?
. . . . . . . . . . [ALAI221] King Alain II of Bretagne m. ?
. . . . . . . . . . [URBI241] Urbien m. ?

[BRET121] Gradlon mawr [=great] (born c.330, ap Cynan Meridoc) married Tigridia of Ireland, King of Vannetais.

[BRET131]** Salomon/Selyfan also called Tudwal Mwyn fawr (born c.355, ap Gradlon mawr), High King of Bretagne, King of Cornouaille. He married --- (daughter of Patrician Flavius), and died 446.

[BRET141] Aldrien/Audren/Alain (born c.373, ap Selyfan), King of Bretagne, married --- (of Ireland). He died 464.

[BRET151] Erich/Gereint (born c.425, ab Aldrien ap Selyfan), King of Bretagne. He died 478.

[BRET161] Budic II also called Nentres of Garlot (born c.460, map Erich ab Aldrien). Budic was Emyr Llydaw [=EMPEROR OF BRETAGNE], married (before 491) Elaine/Helena (ferch Gorles/Gwyrlys of Cernyw, DUKE OF CORNWALL, map Solor of Cernyw & Ygerna ferch Amlawdd of Dumnonia). He died c.556.

[BRET171]** Hoel I mawr (born c.491, ap Emyr Llydaw Budic II map Erich), King of Bretagne, King of Dumnonia, married (before 520, his 3rd cousin once-removed) Alma Pompea (ferch Prince Riatham ap Deroch ap Riwal of Dumnonia). Hoel was murdered 545.

[BRET181]** Hoel II fychan [=the younger] (ap Hoel I) married [CYNA172] Tymyr (ferch Rhun, see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)). Elsewhere (less likely) shown as married 1. Rimo (ferch Maelgwyn & Gwallwen.

[BRET191]** Alain I/Juduael (born c.560, ap Hoel II ap Hoel I), King of Bretagne, married Azenor. He died 635.

[BRET202] --- (daughter of Alain) married [CYNA221] Cadwaladr fendigaid (see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)).

[BRET201]** Hoel III (born c.580, ab Alain), King of Bretagne, married (before 600) Fratelle (ferch Osoche). He died 612.

[BRET211] Judhael/Judicael (born c.602, ap Hoel), King of Bretagne (632-40). He submitted to King Dagobert I of the Franks and undertook that he and his kingdom would always acknowledge Dagobert and the Frankish kings as their lords. He was King of Brittany (c.630), King of Dumnonia (c.639). He retired to a monastery and died 658.

[URBI241] Urbien or Gradlon flam (ap Judicael) is described below under URBIEN.

[ALAI221] Alain II (son of Judhael), King of Bretagne, is described below under ALAIN.


[BRET211] King Judicael of Bretagne & Dumnonia m. ?
. [ALAI221] King Alain II of Bretagne m. ?
. . [ALAI231] Ivor m. ?
. . . [ALAI241] King Daniel of Bretagne m. ?
. . . . [ALAI251] Bodic II m. ?
. . . . . [ALAI261] Melieu m. ?
. . . . . . [ALAI271] Earl Erispoe I of Poher and Valves m. ?
. . . . . . . [RENN281] Count Ridoredh of Nantes m. ?
. . . . . . . [ALAI281] Ruler Nominoe of Bretagne m. ?
. . . . . . . . [ALAI291] Ruler Erispoe II of Bretagne m. Marmohec
. . . . . . . . . [ALAI302] Adalinde of Bretagne m. [GURW301] co-Ruler Gurwent of Bretagne

Alternative versions have appeared for the first five entries.

[ALAI221] Alain II (son of Judhael, see earlier under BRETAGNE), King of Bretagne, died 690.

[ALAI231] Ivor.

[ALAI241] Daniel dremrost [=red eyed], King of Bretagne.

[ALAI251] Bodic II.

[ALAI261] Melieu.

[ALAI271] Erispoe I emoch (born c.775), Earl of Poher and Valves. He died 812.

[RENN281] Ridoredh/Riwallon (born c.805, son of Erispoe I, is dealt with under HOUSE OF RENNES.

[ALAI281] Nominoe (son of Erispoe I), Count of Vannes, Ruler of Bretagne (824-51), died 7th March 851.

[ALAI291] Erispoe II, Ruler of Bretagne (851-57), married Marmohec. He was assassinated by a rival first-cousin, Salomon, in a church (November 857). Salomon was Ruler of Bretagne (857-77).

[ALAI302] Adalinde (daughter of Erispoe) married (after 857) [GURW301] Gurwent, see below under GURWENT OF RENNES.


[BRET211] King Judicael of Bretagne & Dumnonia m. ?
. [URBI241] Urbien m. ?
. . [URBI251] Prince Concar of Corncouaille m. ?
. . . [URBI261] Judon of Corncouaille m. ?
. . . . [URBI271] Prince Constantine of Cornouaille m. ?
. . . . . [CORN281] Justin ap Constantine m. ?
. . . . . [URBI281] Prince Argant of Cornouaille m. ?
. . . . . . [URBI291] Prince Judael of Cornouaille m. ?
. . . . . . . [URBI301] Prince Louvenan of Cornouaille m. ?
. . . . . . . . [URBI312] Alava de Cornouaille m. [CORN311] Prince Diles of Cornouaille

[URBI241] Urbien or Gradlon flam (ap [BRET211] Judicael, see earlier under BRETAGNE).

[URBI251] Concar de Cheroenoc (born c.690, ap Urbien ap Judicael), Prince of Cornouaille.

[URBI261] Judon or Budic mur (born c.720, ap Concar).

[URBI271] Constantine (born c.750, ap Judon ap Concar), Prince of Cornouaille.

[CORN281] Justin (born c.790, ap Constantine ap Judon) is described under BRITTANY (HOUSE OF CORNOUAILLE) KINGDOM.

[URBI281] Argant (born c.792, ap Constantine), Prince of Cornouaille.

[URBI291] Judael (born c.825), Prince of Cornouaille.

[URBI301] Louvenan (born c.855), Prince of Cornouaille.

[URBI312] Alava (born c.890, daughter of Louvenan) married her third-cousin [CORN311] Diles Heirguor Ehebre (see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF CORNOUAILLE) KINGDOM).


[GURW301] co-Ruler Gurwent of Bretagne m. [ALAI302] Adalinde of Bretagne
. [GURW312] Kunigunde of Rennes m. [BABE251] March Count Berengar II of Breton March

[GURW301] Gurwent/Gurvand (of unknown origin), Count of Rennes, married (after 857) [ALAI302] Adalinde (daughter of Erispoe, see above under ALAIN above), succeeded Salomon as co-Ruler of Bretagne (874-77), and died 877.

[GURW312] Kunigunde (of Rennes, born c.858, daughter of Gurwent) married (c.878) [BABE251] Count Berengar of Bayeux & Senlis ([born c.858], see BABENBURG).