Revised 24/11/2019



[BRAM451] William (son of [ABER371] Lord William, see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY for full details) married [HERT472] Maud de Clare (see HERTFORD (CLARE) EARLDOM). He died 1210, and Maud died 1213.

[BRAM462] Walter (son of William) married [LOND402] Hawyse de Londres (daughter & heiress of [LOND391] Thomas de Londres (see LONDRES).

[BRAM463] Maud (daughter of William) married [TRAC391] Henry (see TRACY).

[BRAM461] John de Brewose (born 1198, son of William), nicknamed tadody by the Welsh when he was hidden as a child in Gower, Lord of Bramber & Marcher Lord of Gower (see MARCHES). He married (c.1217) [GWYN399] Margred ferch Llywelyn (see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)). John fell from his horse at Bramber and was killed (1232), and afterwards Margred married 2. [CLIF441] Sir Walter de Clifford (see CLIFFORD).

[BRAM471] Sir William de Brewose (born 1220, son of John), 1st Lord of Bramber & Marcher Lord of Gower, married 1. [MULT473] Aline of Gilsland (see GILSLAND (MULTON) FEUDAL LORDSHIP); then 2. Agnes de Moeles (daughter of Nicholas de Moeles of Cadbury); then 3. (c.1270-71) Mary de Ros (daughter of William of Helmsley). William became 1st Lord Brewose (1290), but died within a year (January 1290-91).

[BRAM481] Sir William de Brewose (born 1261, son of William & Aline), 2nd Lord of Bramber & Marcher Lord of Gower, then 2nd Lord Brewose (1291), married 1. Agnes (origin not known); then 2. (before 1317) Elizabeth de Sully (daughter of Raymond Sully). William died before 1326, leaving only daughters.

[BRAM492] Joan de Brewose (younger daughter & coheir of William & Agnes) married 1. (c.1295) James de Bohun of Midhurst (died 1306); then 2. [FOLI491] Sir Richard (see FOLIOT BARONY).