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[BRI2301] Eudes, Count of Cambrai married [BOIS302] Odile [Adele] de Bois-Ferrand (daughter of [BOIS291] Thibaud de Bois-Ferrand).

[BRI2311] Engelbert I (born c.900), Count of Brienne, married (925) [TONN292] Wandalmodis (widow, daughter of Guy I de Tonnerre). Engelbert died 969, and Wandalmodis died 975.

[BRI2322] Ingeltrude married [TONN291] Count Milon III of Tonnerre (see TONNERRE COUNTY).

[BRI2321] Engelbert II (born c.935), Count of Brienne, died c.980.

[BRI2331] Engelbert III (born 980), Count of Brienne, married (1024) [SENS352] Mainfrede de Sens (daughter of Count Fromond II de Sens & Joigny, see SENS COUNTY). Engelbert died 1035.

[BRI2342] Marie (born 1024, daughter of Engelbert III) married (1045) [GENE401] Seigneur Etienne de Vaux (see GENEVILLE BARONY).

[BRI2341] Engelbert IV (born 1025, son of Engelbert III), Count of Brienne, married (1045) [JOIG342] Countess Petronille of Joigny (see GENEVILLE BARONY). He died 1056.

[BRI2351] Gauthier I [born c.1045], Count of Brienne, married [TONM332] Countess Eustachie (see TONNERRE COUNTY). He died c.1090.

[BRI2361] Evrard I, Seigneur de Ramerupt, and Count of Brienne, married [MOND372] Dame Alix (daughter of Comte Andre de Rameru (Ramerupt), see MONTDIDIER COUNTY).

[BRI2372] Felicitie (daughter of Evrard) married 1. Seigneur Simon de Broyes; then 2. [GENE441] Seneschal Geoffroy III (see GENEVILLE BARONY); then 3. --- de Beaufort.

[BRI2371] Gauthier II (son of Evrard), Count of Brienne, married 1. [Adelais] de Baudement (3rd daughter of Seneschal Andre de Baudement); then 2. [SOIS372] Humbeline (see SOISSONS COUNTY); then 3. Adelais. He was living1152.

[BRI2381] Evrard II (son of Gauthier & Humbeline), Count of Brienne, married Agnes de Montbeliard (of disputed origin, daughter of either Seigneur Richard de Montfaucon by Countess Agnes of Montbeliard, or else of Guillaume de Nevers, Auxerre & Tonnerre). He died at Acre (February 1191).

[BRI2391] Jean de Brienne (born c.1170-75) married 1. (at Tyre, September 1210) Marie de Montserrat (died 1212); then 2. (April 1214) Stephanie/Isabelle (daughter of King Leon I of Armenia) died 1219; then 3. (at Toledo, 1224) [LEON412] Berenguela (daughter of King Alfonso IX, see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF BURGUNDY) KINGDOMS). Jean was King of Jerusalem (1210-12) see JERUSALEM, then Regent of Jerusalem (1212-25) for his daughter Isabel II (who was Queen of Jerusalem, 1212-28), and finally EMPEROR OF CONSTANTINOPLE (1231-37). He died at Constantinople (27th March 1237). Berenguela died at Constantinople (12th April 1237).

Jean, allegedly now approaching 80 years of age, was the most distinguished of living Crusaders, and former King of Jerusalem, was proposed (1228) as Regent for the new EMPEROR OF CONSTANTINOPLE, 11-years old Baldwin II. Jean accepted on certain conditions, including: Jean would be EMPEROR not Regent; Baldwin would succeed him on his death; and Baldwin should immediately marry his 4-years old daughter Marie. This was agreed, but it was not until the autumn of 1231 that Jean was crowned EMPEROR. See also JERUSALEM.

[BRI2402] Jean de Brienne of Acre (born in Jerusalem, c.1222, younger son of Jean & Berenguela), Seigneur de Chateau-du-Loire, le Boux, Loupelande, Mayer & Oustille etc, Bouteiller de France, Ambassador to Castile, Bailiff of Montfort l'Amaury, married 1. (after September 1251) Marie de Coucy (daughter of Enguerrand de Coucy, and widow of King Alexander II of Scotland, who died 6th July 1249, and Marie afterwards returned to France 29th September 1251); then 2. (c.1252) [CHAD402] Jeanne de Chateau-du-Loir (born 1227, daughter of Vicomte Geoffrey IV, see CHATEAUDUN (2)). Jean died at Courtrain, Mayenne, (1296.)

[BRI2412] Blanche (born c.1252, daughter of Jean & Jeanne), Dame de la Loupelande etc. in Maine, married (1266) [FIES421] Sir William (see FIENNES).