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[BUR3311] Adalbert of Ivrea (Italy) (born c.932-36, son of [LOM3301] EMPEROR BERENGAR II, see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF IVREA) KINGDOM) allegedly married Gerberge de Chalons (her parentage is in dispute). Adalbert was King of Lombards (950-63, when deposed). He died at Autun (30th April 971). Afterwards Gerberge married 2. DUKE HENRI OF BURGUNDY.

[BUR3321] Guglielmo (Otto-William) de Burgundy (born 958, son of Adalbert) married 1. (c.978) [ROUC339] Hermentrude (widow, daughter of Count Renard, see ROUCY COUNTY). He was Count of Burgundy (985-1027). Hermetrude died 1005, and Otto-William afterwards married 2. (by 1016) Adelaide (daughter of Count Fulk II, see ANJOU COUNTY), and widow of Count Etienne of Gevaudan, died 979, and wife of EMPEROR LOUIS V, divorced 984, and widow of Count William I (see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY), died c.994). Otto-William died at Dijon (21st September 1026). Adelaide died 1026.

[BUR3332] Mathilde (daughter of Otto-William & Hermentrude) was Countess of Nevers, and she married [NEVE311] Count Landry IV of Maers, who thereby became Count of Nevers (see NEVERS COUNTY).

[BUR3333] Agnes de Macon (born 995, daughter of Otto-William & Hermentrude) married 1. (before March 1018) [AQUI331] Duke William V (see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM); then 2. (January 1032) Count Geoffrey II martel of Anjou & Vendome, divorced c.1049-52.

[BUR3334] Gerberga (born 1000, daughter of Otto-William & Hermentrude) married [PRO3321] Count William II (see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY).

[BUR3331] Renaud I de Burgundy (born c.986, son of Otto-William & Hermentrude) married (c, September 1016) [NORM323] Adelais/Judith (daughter of DUKE RICHARD II, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM). He was Count of Burgundy (1027-57), and died 3rd September 1057.

[BUR3341] Guillaume I the great (born c.1024, eldest son of Renaud I) married (c.1055) [LORA342] Etienette/Stephanie (daughter of Count Adalbert III, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM). Guillaume was Count of Macon (1078-87), and Palatine Count of Burgundy (1057-87). Guillaume died 12th November 1087, and Etienette/Stephanie died after 19th October 1088.

[CAS1351] Raymond II de Galicia (born c.1060, son of Guillaume I the great) is dealt with under LEON & CASTLE (HOUSE OF BURGUNDY) KINGS.

[BUR3353] Ermentrude [also known as Stephanie] de Burgundy (born 1060, daughter of Guillaume I the great) married [BARL351] Dietrich I (see BAR-LE-DUC).

[BUR3359] Gisele (born c.1070, daughter of Guillaume I) married 1. (c.1090) [SAVO381] Count Umberto II (see SAVOY COUNTY); then 2. (c.1105) [MONX371] March Count Rainer I (see MONTFERRAT MARCH COUNTY).

[BUR3357] Matilda/Sibylle (daughter of Guillaume the great) married [BURG321] DUKE EUDO I (see BURGUNDY DUKEDOM).

[BUR3358] Clemence (daughter of Guillaume I) married 1. (before 1092) Count Robert II (see FLANDERS COUNTY; then 2. (c.1121) DUKE GODFREY I the bearded (see LOUVAIN).

[BUR3351] Etienne tete-hardi (son of Guillaume I the great), Count of Vienne & Macon (1087), married (c.1085-90) [LORR344] Beatrix de Lower Lorraine (said to be daughter of DUKE GERHARD IV, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM). Etienne was captured at Ramla during the First Crusade, and beheaded at Ascalon (27th May 1102).

[VIEN351] William IV (son of Etienne tete-hardi) de Vienne married Ponce (daughter of Thibaut, Seigneur de Traves). See under VIENNE & MACON COUNTY for full details.

[BUR3363] Clemence/Marguerite de Macon (daughter of Etienne tete-hardi) married (1120-32) [VIE2411] DAUPHIN GUIGUES IV (see VIENNOIS DAUPHINS).

[BUR3361] Renaud III (born c.1090, son of Etienne tete-hardie), Count of Macon (1102), Palatine Count of Burgundy (1127), married (c.1130) [LORR362] Agatha/Adelheid de Lorraine (born c.1119, daughter of DUKE SIMON I, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM). He died January 1148-49.

[BUR3372] Beatrix (born c.1145, daughter of Renaud III), Palatine Countess of Burgundy (1149), married (at Wurzburg, 17th June 1156) [SWAB351] EMPEROR FREDERICK barbarossa (see SWABIA (HOUSE OF HOHENSTAUFEN) DUKEDOM).