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[JUST311] Richard II the Justiciar (born 868, son of [PRO5301] Count Buvinus, see  PROVENCE KINGDOM), Count of Autun, Count of Auxerre, ruled Frankish Burgundy (by 898), styled DUKE OF BURGUNDY (by 918). He married (888) [BURK322] Adelaide (daughter of DUKE CONRAD, see JURANE BURGUNDY KINGDOM). He died c. September 921.

[JUST322] Alice (born c.900, daughter of Richard) married [HAI1301] Count Reginar II (see HAINAULT COUNTY).

[JUST323] Willa de Burgundy (daughter of Richard) married [SENV311] Count Palatine Hugh de Vienne (see SENS COUNTY).

[JUST321] Hugh the black (born 891, son of Richard), Count of Macon, Count & March Count of Provence, succeeded his brother Rudolf as DUKE OF BURGUNDY (936-52). He died 17th December 952.

[JUST332] Ermengarde (daughter of Hugh the black) married [CHAS331] Count Gilbert (see CHALONS-SUR-SAONE COUNTY).


[SEMU281] Guillaume.

[SEMU291] Freelan de Chamelet.

[SEMU301] Joceran, Seigneur de Semur, married Richoara. He died c.992-94, and afterwards it is believed Richoara married 2. Joceran's brother Freelan de Semur.

[SEMU319] Geoffroi I, Seigneur de Semur, married 1. [BRID312] Mahaut de Brioude (daughter of Vicomte Dalmas, see BRIOUDE), died 1016; then 2. [CHAL312] Dame Mathilde de Donzy (daughter of Count Lambert, see CHALONS-SUR-SAONE COUNTY, and widow of DUKE HEINRICH OF BURGUNDY).

[SEMX322] Dalmace I (son of Geoffroi & Mahaud) married [VERG322] Aramburge de Vergy (daughter of Count Gerard, see VERGY). He was Seigneur de Dalmace in Auxois, and Seigneur de Semur en Brionnois, and died c.1055.

[SEMX332] Helie (daughter of Dalmace) married (1033) [BURG309] DUKE ROBERT I (see HOUSE OF CAPET below).

[SEMU321] Thibaut de Semur (son of Geoffroi & Mathilde), Count of Chalons-sur-Saone (1039-65), married (1019) [CHAL322] Ermentrude d'Autun (daughter of Count Hughes I, see CHALONS-SUR-SAONE COUNTY). He died 1065.

[SEMU331] Hughes (son of Thibaut), Count of Chalons-sur-Saone (1065-78), married (1065) [BURG319] Constance de Burgundy (daughter of [BURG309] DUKE ROBERT I le vieux, see HOUSE OF CAPET below). Hughes died in Spain (1079), and afterwards Constance married 2. (c.1079-81) [CAS4339] King Alfonso VI (see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF NAVARRE) KINGDOMS)

[SEMU342] Adelais de Chalons (daughter of Hughes) married [THIE401] William de Thiers (see CHALONS-SUR-SAONE (HOUSE OF THIERS) COUNTY).


[BURG309] Robert I le vieux (born c.1007, son of [CAPE321] King Robert II, see CAPETIAN HOUSE) married 1. (c.1033) [SEMX332] Helie (daughter of Seigneur Dalmace, see above), divorced 1046; then 2. (c.1048) [ANJO329] Ermengarde [also known as Blanche] (daughter of Count Fulk III, see ANJOU COUNTY). Robert was DUKE OF BURGUNDY (1032). Robert and Ermengarde were murdered in the church at Fleurey-sur-Ouche (18th March 1076).

[BURG312] Aldearde (born c.1050, daughter of DUKE ROBERT & Ermengarde) married (c.1068-69) [AQUI341] DUKE WILLIAM VIII (see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM).

[BURG319] Constance (born 1046, daughter of DUKE ROBERT & Helie) married 1. [SEMU331] Count Hugh II of Chalons-sur-Saone (see HOUSE OF SEMUR above); then 2. (8th May 1081) [CAS4339] King Alfonso VI (see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF NAVARRE) KINGDOMS).

[BURG311] Henri (born c.1035, son of DUKE ROBERT I & Helie) de Burgundy married (c.1056) [BARC392] Sybille (daughter of Count Berenguer-Ramon, see BARCELONA COUNTY). He died 1066, and Sybille died 1074.

[BURG322] Beatrix (daughter of Henri) married [VIGN421] Sire Guy (see VIGNORY).

[PORG371] Henri de Burgundy (born c.1069, son of Henri) became Count of Portugal (see PORTUGAL COUNTY AND KINGDOM for further details).

[BURG321] Eudo I Borel the red (born c.1058, 4th son of Henry) married (1080) [BUR3357] Matilda/Sibylle (daughter of Count Guillaume the great, see BURGUNDY COUNTY). He was DUKE OF BURGUNDY (1078), and died at Cilicie (23rd March 1103).

[BURG332] Ela, also known as Alix, Adelaide, Hele, Helene and Elute, (daughter of Eudo I) married 1. Count Bertrand of Toulouse (died 1112); then 2. (c.1115) [PON1351] Count William Talvas (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY).

[BURG331] Hughes II Borel (born 1084) married (c.1115) [MAYE332] Matilda de Mayenne (daughter of Seigneur Gautier, see MAYENNE). He was DUKE OF BURGUNDY (1102), and died c. February 1143.

[BURG341] Eudes II (born 1118) married (1145) [BLOI364] Marie de Blois (born 1128, see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY). He was DUKE OF BURGUNDY (1143), and died 26th September 1162.

[BURG351] Hughes III (born 1148) married 1. (1165) Adelaide/Alix (daughter of DUKE MATTHIAS I OF LORRAINE), divorced 1183; then 2. (at Saint-Gilles-en-Languedoc, 1st September 1183) [VIE2432] Countess Beatrice d'Albon (see VIENNOIS DAUPHINS). He was DUKE OF BURGUNDY (1162), and died at Acre (August 1192). Afterwards, Beatrice married 2. Seigneur Hughes de Coligny-le-Neuf. She died at Chateau de Vizille (15th December 1228).

[BURG362] Anne/Marguerite (born 1192, daughter of Hughes III & Beatrice) married (1222) [SAVO421] Count Amadeus IV (see SAVOY COUNTY).