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[BUTE451] Gille Bhrighde m. ?
. [BUTE461] Lord Somerled of Argyll m. [MANI462] Ragnhild of Man & the Isles
. . [ARGL471] Dubhgaill MacSomhairle m. ?
. . [BUTX472] Ragnamm Mac Somhairle m. Fiona of Moray
. . . [BUTX481] Ragnvald Somerlidasson of Arran m. ?
. . . . [BUTX492] Ragnild of Arran m. [BUTE481] Lord James of Bute
. . [BUTE471] Lord Angus of Bute, Arran & Gamoran m. ?
. . . [BUTE481] Lord James of Bute m. [BUTX492] Ragnild of Arran
. . . . [BUTE492] Jean MacRory m. [STEW491] High Steward Alexander of Scotland

[BUTE451] Gille Bhrighde /Gillebride, married --- Sigurdsdattir.

[BUTE461] Somhairle [Somerled] MacGille Bhrighde, King of the Hebrides, Thane (Lord) of Argyll, married (among others) (1140) [MANI462] Ragnhild (daughter of King Olaf, see MAN & THE ISLES KINGDOM). In 1158 he usurped the Southern Isles by conquest. He was killed at Renfrew fighting King Malcolm IV of Scotland (1164).

BUTX472] Ragnall Mac Somhairle (son of Somerled & Ragnhild), Lord of the Isles, married [MORA472] Fiona of Moray (daughter of Domnall Mac Uilliam, see MORAY MORMAERS). Ragnall died 1207.

[BUTX481] Ragnvald Somerlidasson of Arran (son of Ragnall) = ?

[BUTX492] Ragnhild of Arran (daughter of Ragnvald) married [BUTE481] James Mac Rory (see below).

[ARGL471] Dubhgaill [Dougall] MacSomhairle (son of Somerled & Ragnhild), is described under ARGYLL.

[BUTE471] Aengus [Angus] MacRory (son of Somerled & Ragnhild), Lord of Bute, Arran and Gamoran. He later lost these three lordships to his brother Ranald, but later regained Arran. He was killed by the men of Skye, together with his three sons (1210).

[BUTE481] James MacRory, Lord of Bute, married [BUTX492] Ragnhild of Arran (see above). He was  killed by the men of Skye with his father and two brothers (1210).  Ragnhild died 1218.

[BUTE492] Jean MacRory (daughter of James, married (c.1243) [STEW491] High Steward Alexander (see HIGH STEWARDS OF SCOTLAND).