Revised 11/11/2018

Hebrew & Egyptian Families

Recommended reading includes "Encyclopaedia Judaica". The largest single work made use of has been "Davidic Dynasty" (David Hughes, 2006), which has simplified my task of wading through other sources at The British Library in London.

Exilarch [=Exiled King], or Head of the Exile, was the secular-ruler of the Jews in Babylonian Exile. It was an hereditary Princely position, normally through the male line (with very few exceptions), having proven descent through the royal Davidic line back to King David I. Tracing ancestry backwards from a given Exilarch, is therefore relatively easy and reliable, and is theoretically flawless. The Babylonian Exilarchate was eventually abolished in 1401CE by the Tartar-Khan Timerlane, which is relatively recent in time.

ben [but bin in Arabic] means "son of", bat means "daughter of"

Babylonian Exilarchs
          First Dynasty
          Second Dynasty
          Third Dynasty

Descent from Abraham

Egypt Kings

Huna IV's Line

Israel Kings

          House of Jeroboam

          House of Omri

          House of Jehu

Judah Kings
          (Solomonic Line)
Judea Kings
Mary and Joseph
Nathanite Line