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from Canville-les-Deux-Eglises (Seine-Inferieure)

According to "History of Antiquities of the County of Leicester" (Nichols, Vol. II, p. 768, under PICKWELL): Pickwell was very anciently the inheritance of the Camvilles; Gerard de Camville being seised of it in the time of Henry I; from whom it descended to Walter lord Camville, who died during the reign of Henry III; and Roger his son (---) having died before him, his three daughters (---) succeeded to his inheritance; ---).

Whilst this suggests Gerard was the father of Walter, it does not say so. For example Walter could have succeeded his grandfather, if his father had died prematurely.

According to "Domesday People" (K. S. B. Keats-Rohan, 2002), under de Camvilla, Walter [was] Son of Roger de Camville, who was dead by 1129/30.

As regards this Roger, under de Camvilla, Uxor Rogeri [Keats-Rohan writes] In 1129 Geoffrey II de Trailly (q.v.) accounted to have the widow of Roger de Camville (in marriage) and the custody of her son [viz. Walter] till he should become of age.

[CAMV439] Richard gave to Jumieges Abbey the tithes of his land at Hautot-l'Auvray (adjacent to the parish of Canville) and he mentioned his two wives Adelicia and [RETH378] Milicent, and also his brother [CAMX431] Roger, see "The origins of some Anglo-Norman Families" (Lewis C. Loyd, 1951, p.24).

Given the above statements it is hoped the following account is as near accurate as possible.

[CAMV421] Gerard de Camville, married [OXFO362] --- de Vere (daughter of [OXFO351] Aubrey I de Vere, see OXFORD VERE EARLDOM). This marriage can not be confirmed. Gerard had two sons, Richard and Roger, described separately below:


[CAMV439] Richard I de Camville ([born c.1110], son of [CAMV421] Gerard) was Sheriff of Berks (1155), feudal Lord of Erdington (Oxon) and Governor of Cyprus. He married 1. Alice/Adelicia (unknown parentage); then 2.  [c.1144] [RETH378] Milicent de Rethel (born c.1110, widow of Robert de Marmion, 4th Lord Scrivelsby (see MARMION), killed 1143; and daughter of [RETH361] Count Gervase of Rethel, see RETHEL). Upon her marriage, Dowager Queen Adelicia of England gave Milicent the manor of Stanton Court (Oxon). Richard thereby became feudal Lord of Stanton, in the right of his wife. Note that Dowager Queen Adelicia (born c.1105) and Milicent de Rethel (born c.1110) were both great-granddaughters of Count Albert III of Namur. Richard I died in Apulia (1176).

[CAMR441] Richard II de Camville ([born c.1146], son of [CAMV439] Richard I & Milicent) married Hawise FitzWilliam (daughter of Walter FitzWilliam, Lord of Whalton, Northumbs, & Isabel). Richard II died at the Siege of Acre (June 1191).

[CAMR452] Isabel de Camville ([born c.1166], only daughter & heir of [CAMR441] Richard II & Hawise) married [HARC361] Robert du Harcourt (see HARCOURT-2).

[CAMV452] Maud de Camville ([born c.1138], daughter of Richard I & Alice) married William de Ros, and her marriage settlement included Hildersham (Cambs).

[CAMV441] Gerard de Camville (born c.1147, son & heir of [CAMV439] Richard I & Alice), married (c.1178) [HAYE442] Nichola be la Haye (widow of William FitzErneis, and eldest daughter & heiress of [HAYE431] Richard de la Haye, hereditary custodian of Lincoln Castle, see SAINT-SAUVEUR,). He held lands given to his father in Northamptonshire (King's Sutton and Duddington), a fee in Oxfordshire (Middleton Stoney and Godington), Berkshire (Avington), and had custody of Lincoln Castle (through his wife). Gerard died 1214, and Nichola died November 1230.

[CAMV451] Richard de Camville (born c.1180, son of [CAMV441] Gerard), married (1199) [WYCG473] Eustache Bisset (born c.1176, widow of Thomas de Verdun, and daughter of [WYCG461] Gilbert Basset, see WYCOMBE BARONY). Eustache died 1215, and Richard died some time after February 1217.

[CAMV462] Idoine de Camville (born c.1208, daughter & heiress of [CAMV451] Richard) married [LONG461] Sir William longespee (see SALISBURY (LONGESPEE) EARLDOM).


[CAMX431] Roger de Camville (son of [CAMV421] Gerard, see earlier) possibly predeceased his father, leaving a widow and young son (Walter) placed in the custody of Geoffrey II de Trailly (who possibly lived 1099-1179). It is presumed Roger's widow married 2. Geoffrey II de Trailly.

An alternative descent to [CAMX441] Walter de Camville is on the Internet. which may or may not be accurate.

--- de Caux de Canville.

Gautier, Sire of Camville

Walter de Camville (son of Gautier).

Sir Richard de Camville (born c.1100, son of Walter de Camville), Castellan of Lincoln Castle. Father of Walter.

[CAMX441] Walter de Camville (born c.1138), son of [CAMX431] Roger) when he came of age held Pickwell after his grandfather, and it was recorded that in 1166 he held in his own right 9 knights fees from the Mowbrays. Walter left three daughters as his coheirs: Maud (see next), Parnell [Petronilla] married Richard Curson and Alice married Robert de Esseby.

[CAMX452] Maud/Matilda de Camville (born c.1173, daughter & coheiress of [CAMX441] Walter [following the death without issue of her brother Roger de Camville]). Then following the death of her father, Maud had a half share of Pickwell, together with her sister Parnell (Petronilla). Maud married [ASTL461] Thomas de Astley (see ASTLEY).